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By Mirco Ghini

Drawing on a twin services of infrequent depth, Mirco Ghini's ebook is a huge contribution to either Romance dialectology and phonological thought. It provides a accomplished account of the segmental and metrical phonology of the Ligurian dialect of the village of Miogliola, North-west Italy. in line with the author's personal fieldwork, it's the first in-depth research of this region, additionally tracing its improvement from Latin. characteristic project, underspecification, and volume alternations are so much popular one of the basic theoretical concerns on which the details of Miogliola phonology, meticuously analysed, are dropped at undergo with attractiveness and strength.

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Why is there no OCP-violation there? Both 36 Chapter 1: Theoretical assumptions final consonants are continuant and coronal. Reference must be made to derivational and inflectional morphology. Having said this, things still do not work, as shown in the following paragraph. Borowsky states that the relevant tiers for the purposes of the OCP, at least in English, are continuancy and primary place. Why is it, then, that the plural of path is paths? No account is given for this. The vowel should not drop in this case, because an OCP violation would occur, but in fact it does drop.

In Estonian, codas project moras only if they are sonorant. Once moraic structure is available, then compensatory lengthening can be seen as the preservation of the generated weight structure. Geminates are not underlyingly moraic. They are underlyingly linked up to two Xslots (or their underlying representation contains information to link them up to two X-slots), a property that forces them to be syllabified as codas and, as a result, to project a mora iff codas in the language at issue do so.

Specification of unspecified features does not necessarily come about in one single stage, whether an early or a late one. The line of inquiry I am suggesting is one where specification of unspecified features may proceed in stages and be contextually determined. In English, onsets need PLACE-specification. This requirement on minimal structure can be seen as the counterpart of the well-known requirements on maximal structure displayed cross-linguistically by codas. Needless to say, the onset requirement becomes effective once syllable constituency has become available.

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