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By Gautam Mitra, Katharina Schwaiger

Contemporary years have proven a rise in improvement and recognition of quantitative equipment for asset and legal responsibility administration ideas. This ebook provides state-of-the-art quantitative determination versions for 3 sectors: pension money, insurance firms and banks, making an allowance for new laws and the industries hazards.

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Their results show that some regulations (the annual guaranteed rate of return, for example) do not coincide with the insurance holders’ best interests. Frangos et al. (2004) propose a discrete time model of an insurance company incorporating transaction costs, nonlinear financial constraints and feasible portfolio control strategies. Within the rebalancing constraints, the monetary value of assets sold is equal to the monetary value of assets bought plus transaction costs. To calculate a time-dependent portfolio strategy, feasible control is applied.

Liabilities should be at the centre of designing investment policies and serve as the ultimate reference point for evaluating and allocating risks and measuring performance. The goal of the investment policy should be to maximize expected excess returns over liabilities subject to an acceptable level of risk that is expressed relative to liabilities. In this chapter, we argue for the use of a liability-relative drawdown optimization approach to construct investment portfolios. Asset and liability returns are simulated using a vector autoregressive process with state variables.

The first strand is the more obvious one, the risk of changes in asset-liability value due to changes in interest rates. Such a change impacts the cash flows of assets and liabilities, or their present value, because financial instruments are valued with reference to market interest rates. com - licensed to ETH Zuerich - PalgraveConnect - 2011-05-06 Moorad Choudhry Moorad Choudhry products such as early redeemable loans. The other main type of risk that ALM seeks to manage is liquidity risk, which refers to both the liquidity of markets and the ease with which assets can be translated into cash.

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