Download Assassination Operation Anthropoid 1941-1942 by Ales Knizek, Jiri Rajlich, & Eduard Stehlik Michal Burian PDF

By Ales Knizek, Jiri Rajlich, & Eduard Stehlik Michal Burian

ISBN-10: 8072781588

ISBN-13: 9788072781584

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Burke, Sgt. Hughes, Sgt. Berwick, Sgt. Walton, and an unknown crew member. For its mission, ANTHROPOID was equipped with two containers with operating material. II machine gun with 100 bullets, 32 lbs. of plastic explosives, two yards of fuse rope, four smoke bombs, a reel of steel string and three timing pencils. , Jan Kubiš and Josef Gabčík landed on a snow-covered field near Nehvizdy not far from Prague. 45 december 1941 – may 1942 Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia It is December 29, 1941, a day like any other.

After more evidence was gathered, Thümmel was arrested again on February 22, 1942. He confessed, trying to convince the Gestapo that his intent was to capture the entire leadership of the Czechoslovak resistance movement. On March 2, 1942, he was released on condition that he would bring Capt. 1st Class Morávek to a meeting. One of the “three kings” the Gestapo caught, apart from Capt. 1st Class Václav Morávek, was Lt. Col. Josef Balabán, who was arrested on April 22, 1941, with the aid of Gestapo informer A.

Mašín the Gestapo confiscated this makeshift baton. Walther PPK Cal. 7,65mm pistol used by Gestapo members. JOSEF BALABÁN (5. 6. 1894–3. 10. 1941) JOSEF MAŠÍN (26. 8. 1896–30. 6. 1942) VÁCLAV MORÁVEK (8. 8. 1904–21. 3. 1942) In the years of WWI he was a member of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. In the years of the First Republic he held many posts in various artillery formations and staffs (commander of a battery, commander of a division, 2nd in command of a regiment), He also held the position of head of a department of the MNO (Ministry of National Defence).

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