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History is a slithering-in-limbo between what may never have happened (such as Romanticism or modernity), what mayor may not be happening, and what may never happen (such as postmodernity). A history that slithers means that present changes really change what happened in the past, and what happens in the past really changes the present, and the future really changes what is happening now, because each of these changes pulls the others into new sets of relations. Instead of situating time or history as either untranscendable horizons or reified objects, the historical snake deconstructs the either/or opposition into a volatile middle ground of history as it is lived.

The minute reversal in a connotative hierarchy is the index of a polar shift in the logic of meaning that leaves no single word-nor 34,5 any sets of relations among discourses-unaffected. , the "winners") but of what is allowed to constitute history and how it can be written. While the emergent hegemony of capitalist discipline in the late eighteenth century had painfully evident and dramatic effects on the lives of every human, animal, and plant within its reach, micro- and macroscopic language effects are among the most self-effacing.

Or perhaps the aliens have bomeorrbetic bodies (Serres 1982, 74); that is, stable patterns (such as waves) that maintain themselves although the media of which they are constituted and through which they are propagated may change. Such aliens might be even harder to locate since they could move (constantly, or at will, or in response to stimuli) among various media. Or perhaps both the shape and the structure of the alien bodies as well as their media are subject to change. If these aliens existed in disparate dimensions, we could coexist in the same time and space without knowing of or interfering with each other (we would be blind horses to their nods and winks); after all, multiple dimensions can exist in the same time and space.

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