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By Heinz Tschätsch

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Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless an important for plenty of production procedures. This reference provides all very important machining tactics in a entire and coherent method. It offers the practicing engineer with many technical info of the producing approaches and collects crucial elements akin to greatest accessible precision, blunders or reference values.

Many examples of concrete calculations, difficulties and their recommendations illustrate the cloth and aid the educational reader. the net addresses given within the appendix supply with a quick hyperlink to additional information sources.

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For this reason, ball grains are used instead of centre points in the case of larger workpieces. 9 Taper turning by sidewise shifting of the tailstock a sliding movement of the tailstock sR, b inadequate position of the tail centre Tapers that are produced by swivelling out of the tailstock, can also be generated with automatic lengthwise feeding movement of the lathe. 6 Copy turning The shape of the workpiece is taken from geometry storage (taper guide bar, template, and replica) and transmitted to the longitudinal- and cross slides.

The parameters are 01, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. Accordingly, the cemented carbide P10 is highly wear resistant, but very brittle. Consequently, it should never be used for planing, in which the cutting edge is subjected to sudden stress at each beginning of the cut. Under these circumstances, tool life would be shortened not by wear, but by early chipping of the cutting edge. However, this cemented carbide would be suitable to machine high-strength steels at high cutting speeds. 4 on page 36 outlines the denomination and the ranges of application for cemented carbide tools.

F1 = 0,16 mm f2 = 1,0 mm vc1 = 168 m/min vc2 = 119 m/min 2. Determine the sectional areas of chip assigned to the cutting speed values For ap/f = 5 there is ap = 5 · f and it follows that: A = ap · f = 5 · f · f = 5· f 2 Then, as a next step: A1 = 5 · f12 = 5 · 0,162 = 0,128 mm2 A2 = 5 · f 22 = 5 · 1,02 = 5,0 mm2 3. Connect the two points of intersection (vc1/A1) and (vc2/A2) with a straight line. 2 Machine curve Within the log-log chart, the machine curve (straight line) shows the functionality between the cutting speed and the sectional area of chip for a constant machine input power.

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