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By Heinz Tschätsch

Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless an important for lots of production techniques. This reference provides all very important machining tactics in a accomplished and coherent approach. It offers the working towards engineer with many technical info of the producing approaches and collects crucial elements comparable to greatest available precision, blunders or reference values.

Many examples of concrete calculations, difficulties and their strategies illustrate the cloth and aid the training reader. the net addresses given within the appendix offer with a quick hyperlink to additional information sources.

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4 Surface A poor surface, such as one prepared using excessively rough grinding wheels, generates notchy cutting edges that tend to chip. g. with cast- or forged exteriors, cause bumping or vibrating loads on the cutting edge and, when the cutting material is brittle, they diminish tool life. 5 Stiffness Unstable workpieces, clamping fixtures, tools and/or components of machine tools reduce the limit of allowable chattering and thus damage brittle cutting materials. 6 Sectional area of chip Cutting force and thus the load affecting the cutting edges rises as a function of increasing sectional area of chip.

5 Diamond tools The hardest and densest of all materials known, diamond consists of pure carbon. Due to its great hardness, diamond is very brittle and thus very sensitive to impact and heat. These characteristics make it suitable for use in diamond tools. These are predominantly used for finishing- and superfinishing tools. 1 mm can be achieved. Diamonds allow cutting speeds up to 3000 m/min, while the standard range of operation is from 100 to 500 m/min. Diamonds are used primarily to machine the following carbon-free materials following: Light metals: Heavy metals: Precious metals: Plastics: Duroplastics: Thermoplastics: Natural materials: aluminum and aluminum alloys copper- and copper alloys, cathode copper, brass, bronze, argentan platinum, gold, silver glass fibre reinforced plastics, laminated paper, bakelites etc.

4 Rake angle γ Rake angle γ is taken into account when calculating the correction coefficient Kγ. 5 Cutting speed vc Cutting speed v has little influence on the cemented carbide region. For this reason, correction may be effectively neglected if v > 80 m/min. 6 Chip compression ratio The chip is compressed before shearing. 7 Wear on the cutting edge Wear at the tool’s cutting edge is taken into account by the correction coefficient Kver. This coefficient relates the rise in the force of a dulling tool to that of the sharp tool.

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