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As a neurasthenic, kleptomaniac, man-chasing proto-punk poet and artist, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven left in her wake a ripple that's turning into a rip--one hundred years after she exploded onto the recent York artwork scene. As an agent provocateur inside New York's modernist revolution, "the first American Dada" not just dressed and behaved with functional outrageousness, yet she set an instance that went way past the eccentric divas of the twenty-first century, together with her conceptual descendant, woman Gaga.

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Approximately 90 years after its first ebook, this celebratory variation of The Weary Blues reminds us of the beautiful fulfillment of Langston Hughes, who was once simply twenty-four at its first visual appeal. starting with the outlet "Proem" (prologue poem)--"I am a Negro: / Black because the evening is black, / Black just like the depths of my Africa"--Hughes spoke at once, in detail, and powerfully of the studies of African american citizens at a time while their voices have been newly being heard in our literature.

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Axel Heyst, a dreamer and a stressed drifter, believes he can keep away from affliction via slicing himself off from others. Then he turns into serious about the operation of a coal corporation on a distant island within the Malay Archipelago, and while it fails he turns his again on humanity once again. yet his existence alters while he rescues a tender English woman, Lena, from Zangiacomo's Ladies' Orchestra and the evil innkeeper Schomberg, taking her to his island retreat.

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But this raises the question: how and in what form does one have the freedom to depart from a previous behavioral repertoire without accepting an alternative situational account of character that renders response equally predicable? For a person to be of truly singular character, she or he would have to be in some degree autonomous, capable of adhering to situations or making departures from them in a variety of distinct ways. Yet modernists rejected the categorical logic of Kant’s ethics—even though he presupposed such autonomy—because his principles subordinated all individual differences to a universal equivalence between people premised on their putative free will, which in turn set in motion abstract rational imperatives.

19 According to Bernard Williams, whom he invokes, one has to ask how and to what end one is being consistent, or what one takes Personhood beyond Personality  as one’s “supposed criterion of action” (Williams, “Replies,” 212). This suggests that holistic integration of behavior is not in and of itself good or bad. But to the extent that Doris sets up his own argument by taking cues from philosophers working within the Aristotelian tradition—even as he is working against them—he accepts the argument that consistency is a necessary but insufficient condition for ethical virtue: it “is necessary for executing one’s projects in the face of obstacles” and without it, “it is only by luck that one’s values will come to pass” (Lack of Character, 18).

In Chapter 4, I pursue elements of Eliot’s presentation of character that emerge through tone and through subtle shifts of perspective rather than through elaborate structures of personality that require self-protective masks and personae. By regulating their tone in a dramatic context, his characters adjust to the emotional climate of a situation. Although Eliot's representations are not set up as narratively sustained fictional individuals, they do dramatize aspects of voice and tone that reveal an everyday mobility connected to individual perspective.

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