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By William Lesser

Following the USA Patent Office's assertion in 1987 that it considers animals "to be patentable subject material in the scope" of patent legislation, there was massive around the world debate in this topic. This paintings includes the lawsuits of the Animal Patents Symposium held at Cornell collage, united states, on December 5-6, 1988, geared up via the editor of this paintings.

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Document HL/CE/IV/INFII. - - (1988b) Industrial Property Protection of Biotechnological Inventions. Document BioT/CE/IV/2. - - (1988c) Revised Suggested Solutions Concerning Industrial Property Protection of Biotechnological Inventions. Document BioT/CE/IV/3. , 4: 60. 1. Decision of September 25, 1987. EPO Off. , 8: 308. 1. Decision of July 26, 1983. EPO Off. , 3: 112. Enlarged EPO Board of Appeal (1985) Decision of December 5, 1984. 38 Congressional Perspectives Kevin W. O'Connor INTRODUCTION Legal, economic, ethical, and social issues relating to animal patents were the subject of hearings and legislation during the 100th US Congress.

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