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By George V. Lauder (auth.), Graham K. Taylor, Michael S. Triantafyllou, Cameron Tropea (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642116329

ISBN-13: 9783642116322

The actual rules of swimming and flying in animals are intriguingly assorted from these of ships and airplanes. The examine of animal locomotion accordingly holds a distinct position not just on the frontiers of natural fluid dynamics study, but additionally within the utilized box of biomimetics, which goals to emulate salient elements of the functionality and serve as of dwelling organisms. for instance, fluid dynamic so much are so major for swimming fish that they're anticipated to have built effective move keep an eye on approaches throughout the evolutionary strategy of edition via common choice, which would in flip be utilized to the layout of robot swimmers. And but, sharply contrasting perspectives as to the vigorous potency of oscillatory propulsion – in particular for marine animals – call for a cautious review of the forces and effort expended at life like Reynolds numbers. For this and lots of different learn questions, an experimental process is frequently the main applicable method. This holds as a lot for flying animals because it does for swimming ones, and related experimental demanding situations follow – learning tethered rather than unfastened locomotion, or learning the circulation round robot versions instead of genuine animals. This ebook presents a wide-ranging picture of the state of the art in experimental examine at the physics of swimming and flying animals. The ensuing photo displays not just upon the questions which are of curiosity in present natural and utilized study, but in addition upon the experimental innovations which are to be had to reply to them.

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We capture these fringes with digital high-speed video 6 Vortex wake symmetry of a flapping foil The heave and pitch variables of our flapping foil setup can be set as follows; A* = 0–6, Aa,geo = 0°–90°, k* = 3–18 and the phase difference between heave and pitch can be set between 0° and 360°. The Reynolds number of the foil in our soap tunnel is of order thousand. The ranges of these parameters are representative for thunniform swimmers (including the Reynolds number; Webb and Weihs 1986). The caudal fin and its beat are approximated with a flat plate and harmonic kinematics.

ALCS ¼ À S U Á n dS; Lamb 1932). e. FL = À Fext. 2 Non-inertial frame; whole animal measurements It is often necessary to measure animal swimming in a noninertial frame; for example, when tracking free-swimming animals over distances longer than a stationary measurement window will permit. In these cases, the LCS centroid velocity U2 in Eq. 10 cannot be determined by visual inspection. 1 Bluegill sunfish pectoral fin locomotion The analysis presented in Sect. 1 was applied by Peng et al. (2007) to DPIV measurements of the bluegill sunfish pectoral fin.

The cosine of the sled is used to drive the heave of the foil while the sine of the rod drives the pitch of the foil. We use one such mechanism to generate the heave kinematics (using the sleds cosine) and another one to generate the pitch kinematics (using the rods sine). We coupled the disks of both mechanisms such that they operate at the same frequency, phase locked (Fig. 4) AÃ ¼ A : l ð2Þ The amplitude-based Strouhal number StA is equal to the ratio of dimensionless amplitude A* and dimensionless wavelength k*, and scales with the maximum induced angle of attack at mid-stroke (see Fig.

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