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With the exception of the lobe-finned fishes, the skeleton extends into the fins as flexible, movable rays and spines. This system allows the fish to maneuver with far greater precision than sharks and rays. Most bony fishes also have a gas-filled swim bladder, which is used to adjust their buoyancy and is covered in overlapping flexible scales. While most cartilaginous fishes can be easily recognized as such, bony fishes have evolved many different and sometimes bizarre body shapes and fin functions that enable them to survive in almost every aquatic habitat.

Over evolutionary time these segments have become fused into functional groups (tagma); one of these tagma always includes a head. Myriapods have a head and a body trunk that is made up from a number of similar segments. In arachnids the head and thorax are fused, forming a cephalothorax, and the remaining body segments are fused to form the abdomen. In insects, a very advanced group of Internal systems arthropods, the head is comprised of six fused segments; a thorax, three segments, and an abdomen, typically with 11 segments.

On most birds these tracts form a regular pattern, described by such terms as ear coverts, scapulars, primaries, and tail feathers. Overlying the body, smaller contour feathers smooth the bird’s outline. On some species, including penguins and kiwis, By using detailed physical and behavioral features to trace common descent, birds are grouped into 227 families to create an evolutionary family tree. Physical characters include the structure of the feet: most birds have four toes, the majority having three facing forward, one back.

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