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This ebook offers a finished advent to the learn of behaviour, from its foundation within the animal¿s anatomy and body structure to its adaptive worth within the atmosphere. it truly is aimed toward undergraduate scholars within the organic sciences and psychology and is designed to function either an in depth creation and an in depth, up to date resource of reference permitting scholars to pursue themes within the fundamental literature.

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The hierarchy is one of increasing sophistication in the scope and flexibility of choice, and thus justification for thinking in terms of ‘mind’ and ‘intelligence’ as opposed to pre-programmed stimulus–response relationships. Dennett (1995) captures this, again schematically, in his so-called ‘Tower of Generateand-Test’ (Fig. 3). In Dennett’s scheme, organisms face various problems of survival and reproduction set by the environment and have to come up with appropriate solutions from a battery of options available to them.

Territorial males chase them off but also try to court the females in the school. The crucial point, however, is that the dichotomy between territorial and non-territorial males is not fixed and inflexible but depends on the prevailing social environment. When males are reared together, maturation rate is socially regulated; males reared with adults have delayed maturation compared with those reared without adults (Fraley & Fernald 1982). More surprisingly, however, if a territory owner loses an encounter with a nonterritorial intruder, he immediately adopts the drab hues of the latter and moves into the school on the fringe of the nesting area.

But the positive feedback effect is enhanced by the fact that our on-board computer is an elaborate problem-solving machine honed by natural selection to aid survival in a diverse and changeable environment. One of its key propensities is to set goals and achieve them, but, as we have seen in our discussion of goal directedness, this propensity may be brought to bear inappropriately when reflecting on the problem-solving mechanisms of other species. Of course, McFarland’s and Dennett’s distinctions are crude categorisations for the purpose of illustration.

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