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By Xiangju Zhang, Chaglin Gui

ISBN-10: 0080534864

ISBN-13: 9780080534862

The inner combustion is general as an influence resource in engineering. because the calls for put upon engines have elevated, tribology has come to play an more and more very important position of their development.

This ebook is an artistic mix of clever layout know-how and the tribological layout of engines: engine tribology, info technology, man made intelligence, non numerical algorithms, smooth layout expertise and dynamics to suggest new technique and know-how for tribological engine layout. It not just offers a good method of l engine layout but additionally explores a brand new development for learn and l layout method.

· a vital reference for the layout of more advantageous and effective engines
· Proposes new suggestions for tribological engine design
· Combines complex layout applied sciences with conventional tribological layout tools

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Z+ 1 1 I ^ ^ = l l z ] ( l - z ' ) ' l n ^ + JL[-55 + z(i32 + z(345 + z(-160 + z(-405 + z(60+147z)))))][ f 60' for Ah<3 # , = | . { ( l - . = ) ' l „ | ± i . 00333 General Consideration of Tribological Design of an Engine "fp = \-De •sAh 49 (2-22) 'Pfi = (V, - K, )^fi = (2Kj - l)l>> (2-23) where, (t>j^ =0 ior Ah>7 The values of D,s, A,Qr^,a,,cr^are listed in Table2-3 and 2-4. " ' 3' 4' j " o TflWe2-3. 91 Table 2-4. 15 A^,a^,a^,a. 2 Thermohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of the engine bearing system considering surface roughness effect^^'^^J To perform the THD analysis, it is required to solve a generalized 50 Chapter 2 Reynolds equation combining a 2-dimentional average flow model, energy equation, heat conduction equation and load equilibrium equation, which will be described in the following sections.

The Mobility method was based on the infinite narrow bearing theory, so the analytic solution of oil film pressure could be obtained. Both the solving speed and the accuracy were quite satisfying, therefore, it found a widespread application in the bearing design. However, since the infinite narrow assumption was adopted and the oil feed features were neglected, the Mobility method was not available in precise bearing analysis. Based on the calculation ability of the intelligent system, Hahn's method was adopted in this book.

The characteristics of the three types of knowledge models are listed in Table 1-2. 6 Summary The tribological design methodology for an internal combustion engine is suggested to built using an intelligent computer aided design system, which aims at combining domain experiential knowledge with tribological theoretical analysis programs to directly and effectively deal with design problems. The core function of such an intelligent system is its decision-making mechanism and intelligent ability.

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