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For decades i've got had the gnawing wish to show the wide motivational sig­ nificance of the attributional belief that i've got espoused and to give totally the argument that this framework has earned a rightful position along different major theories of motivation. additionally, fresh investigations have yielded insights into the attributional determinants of have an effect on, hence offering the impetus to embark upon an in depth dialogue of emotion and to clarify the relation among emotion and motivation from an attributional viewpoint. The presentation of a unified conception of motivation and emotion is the aim of this e-book. My extra particular goals within the chapters to stick with are to: 1) define the fundamental princi­ ples that i think symbolize an sufficient conception of motivation; 2) express what I understand to be the conceptual contributions of the point of view recommended by way of my col­ leagues and me; three) Summarize the empirical relatives, achieve a few definitive con­ clusions, and indicate the extra equivocal empirical institutions in line with hypotheses derived from our specific attribution concept; and four) make clear questions which were raised approximately this belief and supply new fabric for nonetheless additional scrutiny. In so doing, the construction blocks (if any) laid down by way of the attributional con­ ception might be quite simply pointed out and unknown juries of current and destiny friends can then higher make sure the worth of this clinical product.

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The remainder of the book then progresses from structure (causal classification) to dynamics or to a genotypic analysis of emotion and motivation. This represents a higher level of scientific theorizing. This ordering of description-taxonomy-dynamics (causes, causal structure, causal consequences) captures a general developmental sequence evident in the growth of other theories, particularly in the study of personality. A reasonable question to raise is, Why does one want to create a taxonomy or classification system for perceived causes?

This facilitates empirical study so that other relations may be uncovered that contribute to the meaning and significance of a cause. A taxonomy also permits the imposing of order; parsimony is certainly one of the accepted goals of science. One of the best examples of the usefulness and importance of a taxonomy of verbal labels in psychology involved the use of the Semantic Differential Scale (Osgood, Suci, & Tannenbaum, 1957). By identifying three underlying properties or dimensions of meaning, Osgood and his collaborators were able to compare the denotations of distinct words and an array of research was then generated, including cross-cultural linguistic analyses.

In Table 2-4 it is shown that, in three of the four cultures examined by Triandis (1972), ability and effort were judged as the most important causes of success and failure. This was not the case with the Indian culture, thus suggesting that cross-cultural comparisons provide an interesting avenue for further study. Perceived Causality in Nonachievement-Related Contexts Causal search is especially prevalent in achievement-related contexts because of the frequency of success or failure and because of the importance of achievement outcomes in many cultures.

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