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By Geoffrey N. Leech

Книга рассчитана на все группы пользователей, так как описывает базовые принципы английской грамматики. В книге в простой форме описываются все базовые правила языка, кроме того для всех грамматическим терминов даны пояснения и описания так, что даже новичку будет несложно разобраться в правилах языка. Дополнительным плюсом является использование общераспространенных тем, которые обычно не встречаются в других книгах: как извиниться или поблагодарить в той или иной ситуации, какие существуют нюансы.

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Flamsteed's extensive correspondence with various of his contemporaries provides a very interesting view of the scientific activity of his day . Many letters were published as early as 1738 in the English version of Bayle's General Dictionary . A large number were found in the nineteenth century . Baily printed about 200, while vol . II of Rigaud's Correspondence of Scientific Men of the Seventeenth Century (London, 1841) contains numerous others . See also Cudworth's Life and Correspondence of Abraham Sharp (London, 1889), and The Correspondence of Isaac Newton (London, 1959) .

Flechsig spent two years (1870-1871) in the army during the Franco-Prussian War and on 1 January 1872 became assistant to Ernst Wagner of the Institute of Pathology in the University of Leipzig . He also worked in the medical polyclinic . He was further able to develop his skills in histology and on 1 October 1873 was appointed head of the department of histology in the Institute of Physiology . Here he devoted all his time to research and benefited greatly from the facilities available and the contact with many outstanding German and foreign physiologists .

Schroder, "Paul Flechsig," in Archiv fur Psychiatrie and Nervenkrankheiten, 91 (1930), 1-8 . Concerning Flechsig's work, see L . F . Barker, "The Phrenology of Gall and Flechsig's Doctrine of Association Centers in the Cerebrum," in Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 8 (1897), 7-14 ; and "The Sense-areas and Association-centers in the Brain as Described by Flechsig," in Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, 24 (1897), 325-356, 363-368 (discussion) ; W . W. Ireland, "Flechsig on the Localization of Mental Processes in the Brain," in Journal of Mental Science, 44 (1898), 1-17 ; M .

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