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J. Cumming, New York, The Seabury Press, 1972, pp. 120–3. First published in Germany in 1947. 7 The culture industry perpetually cheats its consumers of what it perpetually promises…The culture industry does not sublimate; it represses. , p. 139. 8 What is decisive today is no longer Puritanism, although it still asserts itself in the form of women’s organizations, but the necessity inherent in the system not to leave the customer alone, not for a moment to allow him any suspicion that resistance is possible.

We reject both these positions. The radical version smacks of theories of absolute deprivation; we would rather put at the centre of our theory notions of relative deprivation. And a major source of one’s comparisons—or indeed the feeling that one should, in the first place, ‘naturally’ compete and compare oneself with others—is capitalism itself… The values of an equal or meritocratic society which capitalism inculcates into people are constantly at loggerheads with the actual material inequalities in the world.

False’ are those which are superimposed upon the individual by particular social interests in his repression: the needs which perpetuate toil, aggressiveness, misery and injustice…Most of the prevailing needs to relax, to have fun, to behave and consume in accordance with advertisements, to love and hate what others love and hate, belong to this category of false needs. The people recognize themselves in their commodities; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment.

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