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Television see televizija. temperature see temperatura. temple see храм. ten see deset; ten thousand deset iljadi. ten thousand see deset iljadi. tennis see tenis. tent see shator. tenth see deseti. textbook see ucebnik. theater see teatar. third see tret. thirteen see trinaeset. thirtieth see trinaesetti. thirty see trieset. three see tri. throat see grlo. thunder see grom. ticket see bilet. tie see kravata. tiger see tigar. tit see сипка. to dormouse see полв. to geometry see geometrija. to marmot see мрмот.

Dessert see desert. dictionary see recnik. dining room see kujna. dinner see vechera. diskette see disketa. diving see gnjurenje. doctor see doktor. document see dokument. dog see 1. kuche, 2. пес. donkey see магаре. door see 1. vrata, 2. врата. dormouse see полв. dozen see nekolku. dress see fustan. dresser see nokna spavacha. duck see патка. dusk see zora. E eagle see 1. orel, 2. орел сури; golden eagle златен орел; eagle owl голем був. eagle owl see голем був. ear see уво. earth see 1. земjа, 2.

3. книга. bookstore see knizarnica. boron see бор. bowl see dlaboka chinija. bra see brushalter. bracelet see narakvica. bread see leb. breakfast see doruchek. bridge see most. briefcase see aktovka. brimstone see сулфур. broccoli see brokoli. bromine see бром. broom see метла. brother see brat. brother-in-law see zet. brown see 1. kafeava, 2. кафех. buffalo see бивол. bull see бик. bus see 1. avtobus, 2. автобус. butcher see mesar; butcher shop mesarnica. butcher shop see mesarnica. butter see puter.

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