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Knife see 1. noz, 2. нож. knives see нож. krypton see криптон. L lake see 1. ezero, 2. езеро. lamb see jagnesko. lamp see 1. lampa, 2. ламба. language see jazik. lark see чучулига. lawn see trevnik. lawyer see advokat. leaf see list. leg see noga. lemon see limun. lemonade see limunada. lettuce see salata. library see biblioteka. lightning see grmotevica. lion see lav. lithium see литиум. little owl see кукумjавка. living room see dnevna soba. lobster see rak. locker see ucilisen kabinet. love see 1.

Butcher see mesar; butcher shop mesarnica. butcher shop see mesarnica. butter see puter. butterfly see peperuga. button see 1. копче, 2. петлица. buzzard see jастреб глувчар. org) 30 English - Macedonian C cafe see kafeterija. cake see torta. camping see kampuvanje. candy see bonbon. canoe see kanu. capercaillie see тетреб. car see uvo. cards see igranje karti. carpet see kilim. carrot see morkov. cat see 1. macka, 2. мачка. celery see celer. century see vek. chair see stol. chalk see kreda.

Motel. hour see chas. house see kuka. humid see vlazno. husband see soprug. I ibex see козорог. ice see led; ice skating lizganje na mraz; ice hockey hokej na mraz; ice cream sladoled. ice cream see sladoled. in see индиум. indium see индиум. infant see дете. infinity see beskonecnost. iron see железо. jackdaw see чавка. jacket see sako. jay see соjка. jeans see djins. jewelry see nakit. K kestrel see ветрушка. ketchup see kechap. key see kluch. kitchen see 1. kujna, 2. куjна. knee see 1. koleno, 2.

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