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Ever puzzled who constructed insulin? Or, who accomplished the 1st center transplant? discover the lives of a few of such a lot remarkable medical professionals and nurses. achieve an perception into the lives they led and the demanding situations they confronted. we've all trusted medical professionals and nurses at quite a few issues in the course of our lives. besides the fact that, the superb tales at the back of such a lot of vital and influential achievements stay unknown. This e-book explores how medical professionals and nurses have built their awesome abilities and techniques to aid sufferers, supported by way of researchers in lots of fields.Explore the existence tales of an awesome variety of characters together with Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell, Ignaz Semmelweis and Che Guevara. those humans cleared the path for contemporary drugs and kept numerous lives by way of advancing the bounds of therapy. The lifestyles tales get back to lifestyles via in a brand new tale layout known as a BioView®. it's as though all the medical professionals and nurses has lower back via time to inform the tale in their existence and their notable achievements.What is a BioView®? A BioView® is a quick biographical tale, just like an interview, approximately an awesome individual. The tales should be learn in round ten mins. they supply a good way of studying approximately those who made significant contributions to our global. the original layout and circulate permits each one person's tale to come back alive, as though it truly is being in my opinion advised to you and displays their pursuits, feelings and passions. those are distinctive lifestyles tales which can offer you suggestion on your personal life.Visit to discover this fascinating diversity ofbooks and audio assets.

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Still there were doubters They would not believe a deadly bacillus was the cause Millions of people continued to die worldwide Yet, it was a preventable illness © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 50 Amazing Doctors and Nurses More research needed, said the doubters They clung to their false beliefs In the capital, I realized there were many other problems Inoculation was only part of the answer Better housing and more hospitals were needed There were still those who expressed doubt I was 43 years old and starting my new work I became an international medical researcher First to Egypt in 1883 to tackle cholera, and then to India In Calcutta, I found that rats were carriers of the bubonic plague Koch’s Postulates The abominable living conditions fostered the spread of the disease Next, to Africa working on malaria and rinderpest and plague The tsetse fly I noted caused ‘sleeping sickness’ Malaria, leprosy, surra and Texas fever were investigated Mosquitoes, I felt, were transmitting malaria That was confirmed by Ronald Ross in 1898 Back to Europe and the problem of communicable diseases At Berlin, I became Professor of Hygiene I pressed for better social conditions Prevention to cut the spread of tuberculosis However, many people in all countries attributed illness to wild causes © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 51 Amazing Doctors and Nurses Some said they were being punished for transgressions Some said it was an ‘Act of God’ They put faith and superstition before the facts I also confronted prejudice and ignorance in my own profession Including unfortunate arguments with Dr Louis Pasteur Many continued to doubt or reject my work To prove my point, I drank a vial of cholera bacteria Other doctors were shocked But, I survived Gradually, they began to believe that my approach worked However, it was hard to convince them, despite the honours received Including the Nobel Prize in 1905 for the Physiology of Medicine I had travelled a long way in a short time Nevertheless my ‘Koch’s Postulates’ were accepted internationally These four main points guided medical thinking In short, they can be summarized in the following ways: Organisms must be discovered in every instance of the disease The germ from the body can be reproduced in a pure culture The disease can be reproduced in animals over time An organism can be retrieved from inoculated animals and cultured anew These became the principles for controlling epidemics Time, however, was the enemy © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 52 Amazing Doctors and Nurses I knew I had so much to do in order to develop practical applications But, I could not inoculate myself against old age At the age of 66, I had a fatal heart attack But my work lived on Particularly my contributions on anthrax, tuberculosis and cholera.

Should I variolate them? ’ I asked ‘Because we have had the cowpox,’ she said with conviction Clearly, she had already done some self-diagnosis Her view was that the rash could not be smallpox as she had immunity ‘People who have had cowpox don’t get smallpox,’ she added ‘I got cowpox from Blossom, one of our herd,’ she said, smiling Should I take the theory of this dairy maid seriously? She had no formal medical knowledge! Was her story an old fairytale, or could it be true? I decided to test the idea There were no proper research facilities But, I had many patients with cowpox I decided to visit Sarah’s village to meet the people While there, Sarah showed me some of her pockmarks Perhaps she could be right Therefore, I took a risk On the 14th May 1796, I tested her theory My gardener was worried about his son contracting smallpox Therefore, I offered to treat him with cowpox and smallpox James Phipps was eight years old He was a brave boy and I inoculated him twice on the same day Cowpox pus was put into cuts on each of his arms The material was transferred on a piece of wood He took mildly ill with a fever, then soon recovered On July 1st, I then variolated him with attenuated smallpox Would he survive, as Sarah Nelmes said he would?

He asked ‘Understanding of how we as humans work,’ I replied But, in truth, I did not know that Once again, I went to Cambridge University There I did further studies on medical issues It enabled me to join the College of Physicians in October 1604 At the age of 26, I felt ready to make a contribution to the profession But, before doing so, I made a big decision Elizabeth Browne had been introduced to me We enjoyed each other’s company After many walks and talks, I proposed to her It was the start of a good marriage Albeit, we had no children © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 38 Amazing Doctors and Nurses Within a short time of marrying, I gained a medical job In 1609, I became Physician in Charge at St Bartholomew’s It was not well paid, but the work was interesting The terms set out were quite clear ‘And you shall take no gift or reward...

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