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By Peter Trudgill, Richard J. Watts

This groundbreaking assortment explores the ideals and methods to the background of English that don't make it into usual textbooks.
Orthodox histories have awarded a tunnel model of the heritage of the English language that is sociologically insufficient. during this ebook various major overseas students exhibit how this specialise in common English dialect is to the detriment of these that are non-standard or from different parts of the area. Alternative Histories of English:
* unearths the variety of attainable 'narratives' approximately how diversified sorts of 'Englishes' can have emerged
* locations emphasis on pragmatic, sociolinguistic and discourse-oriented points of English instead of the normal grammar, vocabulary and phonology
* considers varied subject matters together with South African English, Indian English, Southern Hemisphere Englishes, Early sleek English, women's writing, and politeness.
Presenting a fuller and richer photo of the complexity of the background of English, the participants to Alternative Histories of English clarify why English is the varied international language it truly is this present day.

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Let us look, however, at a brief passage from King Alfred’s writings: Ælfred kyning hate∂ gretan Wærfær∂ biscep his wordum luflice and freondlice; ond ∂e cy∂an hate ∂æt me com swi∂e oft on gemynd, hwelce wiotan iu wæron geond Angelcynn … [King Alfred bids to greet his bishop Wærfærth in affectionate and friendly words; and (I) bid to inform you that it came very often into (my) mind, what learned men there used to be throughout the English people (or nation) …] If we did not know the provenance of this text and had no other Old English (OE) texts, we would be unlikely to classify it as ‘English’ or even relate it closely to Middle English.

The Cayman Islands were a dependency of Jamaica until 1959, when they became a separate dependency. Washabaugh (1983) shows that the phonology is clearly Caribbean, but variably rhotic. Turks and Caicos Islands The Turks and Caicos are a British crown colony consisting of two small groups of islands at the south-eastern end of the Bahamas about 145 km north of the Dominican Republic. The Turks group consists of Grand Turk and Salt Cay. The Caicos group consists of six main islands: South Caicos, East Caicos, Middle Caicos, North Caicos, Providenciales, and West Caicos.

It is, too, one of the few places in North America where it can be said with any degree of certainty that traditional dialects, in the sense of Wells (1982), survive. There is also some well-documented regional variation (see Paddock 1975; Wells 1982: 498–501). A first impression for English English speakers is that speakers ‘sound Irish’, but closer inspection shows that this is not the case. Overall, varieties seem to be the result of a mixture of Southern Irish English and south-western English English varieties, but in different proportions in different places.

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