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By Peter Trudgill, Richard J. Watts

ISBN-10: 0415233569

ISBN-13: 9780415233569

This groundbreaking assortment explores the ideals and methods to the background of English that don't make it into commonplace textbooks.
Orthodox histories have offered a tunnel model of the background of the English language that is sociologically insufficient. during this booklet a variety of best overseas students exhibit how this specialize in common English dialect is to the detriment of these that are non-standard or from different parts of the area. Alternative Histories of English:
* finds the variety of attainable 'narratives' approximately how varied different types of 'Englishes' could have emerged
* areas emphasis on pragmatic, sociolinguistic and discourse-oriented elements of English instead of the normal grammar, vocabulary and phonology
* considers assorted subject matters together with South African English, Indian English, Southern Hemisphere Englishes, Early smooth English, women's writing, and politeness.
Presenting a fuller and richer photo of the complexity of the background of English, the individuals to Alternative Histories of English clarify why English is the varied global language it truly is this day.

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The discussion by Washabaugh (1983) makes it Lesser-known varieties of English 35 clear that these islands, too, speak a typically Caribbean creole form of English. The Bay Islands are a group of eight small islands off northern Honduras. They have an area of 250 km2 and are situated about 55 km offshore in the Caribbean. The islands were first sighted by Columbus in 1502 and were settled in 1642 by English buccaneers. Between 1650 and 1850 Spain, Honduras, and England disputed ownership of the islands (see Davidson 1974).

This had the effect of doubling the White population and trebling the Black. A minority of the population today is thus descended from English pioneer settlers and loyalist refugees. Most of the population is of African descent (Albury 1975). The English of White Bahamians, then, has two main sources: the Bermudan English of the original settlers, and the North American English of the Loyalists. Some of the Loyalists were from the American South, but Abaco and northern Eleuthera islands in particular were settled by Americans from New England and New York (Holm and Shilling 1982).

It is in this interpretative activity that ideological positions intrude. English as the language, first of one powerful nation-state and subsequently of others (pre-eminently the USA), and also the language of a great empire, must be given a glorious history, which, as we have noticed, should be a very long history, preferably unbroken and continuous and – as far as possible – pure. Change within the language should preferably be endogenous, and not triggered by external influences such as language contact.

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