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A German dialect spoken in Alsace (France), has speedily misplaced approach to French because 1945. This publication investigates language selection, language attitudes and ethnic id in Alsace this day. The Alsatian case learn issues out the advanced interrelationship of linguistic and identification switch with old, social and mental methods.

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They further suggest that positive or negative motivation to identify with groups is 'by far the most important of the constraints for linguistic behavior' (p. 184). Thus, they Page 5 stress the necessity of examining 'history, the sociolinguistic observation and the recording of people's attitudes towards and about language and ethnicity' concurrently, in order to understand identity processes and linguistic choice/use (p. 4). In this they agree with Dell Hymes (1976: 96), who calls for examining motivation and values in linguistic behavior and with Dietrich Strauss (1981: 4), who also emphasizes the essential role of historical background to any given ethnopolitical and sociolinguistic group.

The arrival of Germanic tribes the Alamans first and the Franks later resulted in Frankish (the ancestor of Franconian) becoming the language of Northern Alsace and of Lorraine, while the already well-implanted Alemannic maintained itself in the rest of Alsace (Hessini, 1981: 38). The Alsatian dialects were affected by changes common to all Germanic dialects, and also by others, which only affected parts of the German-speaking area. Among the former is the first consonant shift (Erste Lautverschiebung), which modified the inherited Indo-European obstruents.

For more complete and detailed linguistic descriptions of the Alsation dialect, the reader is referred to the investigations of Keller (1961), Beyer (1964), Philipp (1967), Matzen (1973a), Hessini (1981), the Atlas Linguistique de l'Alsace (Beyer & Matzen, 1969; Page 8 Bothorel-Witz, Philipp & Spindler, 1984), and the articles under 'parlers alsaciens' and 'dialecte alsacien' in the Encyclopédiede l'Alsace. For the problems involved in developing a standardized form of Alsatian, see Edmund Jung's book Grammaire de l'Alsacien (1983: 39-109).

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