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Peter Young was promoted captain and had taken up a Combined Studies Division intelligence/operations officer position in Danang. He and John Healy were being groomed to operate a CIA-sponsored Montagnard Scout Programme at Pleiyit in Pleiku Province. Australia’s military commitment remained at 30. QX5 19/7/05 2:04 PM Page 28 Bookhouse 2 Defeat, doubt and death 1963 Defeat, doubt and death Ap Bac! The operation failed and the ARVN were severely criticised by their American advisers and the press.

50 Colonel Serong recorded that time would eventually solve the problem. QX5 24 19/7/05 2:04 PM Page 24 Bookhouse THE MEN WHO PERSEVERED take an increased part in Hiep Khanh’s administration, which helped to calm the clash of professional skills between the Australian and American officers. 51 Captain Bob Hagerty remembered the challenges of training the Civil Guard: Most of the Civil Guard Companies that went through the [Hiep Khanh] Centre had had a varied amount of training. Some of the companies impressed you with their efficiency; others were very poor.

QX5 19/7/05 2:04 PM Page 42 Bookhouse 3 Doom and gloom 1964 Doom and gloom On 30 January Major General Nguyen Khanh, Commander I Corps, in concert with several other generals, conducted a quiet, bloodless and effective coup. Khanh had told MAAG on 28 January that a ‘pro-French’ group of generals, who favoured neutralism, would attempt to take over the government within three days. Khanh was deeply disturbed by the move towards neutralism and the group of ‘rabidly pro-French’ generals within the Military Council.

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