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The scope of deterrence was extended beyond the realm of general war. This change in the scope of deterrence was evident in the fact that, despite dissatisfaction with how Truman managed the Korean conflict, the Eisenhower administration did not reject involvement in small wars . The problems had supposedly come not from involvement in the war but from letting the enemy choose the weapons . The logic for avoiding or managing a future small war was revealed by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles .

Quoted in Futrell, Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine, 2-6 . 35 . , 6. 36 . " Air Force/Space Digest, October 1961, 45-48; Momyer, Air Power in Three Wars, 249. 37 . Quoted in Futrell, Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine, 273. AIR POWER AND THE GROUND WAR IN VIETNAM 38 . Typical of those attributing the unsatisfactory outcome in Vietnam to civilians and overly sophisticated political analysis is Adm U . S . Grant Sharp, Strategy for Defeat, Vietnam in Retrospect (San Rafael, Calif . : Presidio Press, 1978) . Also see Gen William C .

Even Secretary of Defense Robert S . McNamara told Congress that the strategic forces had been decisive . AIR POWER THEORIES, AIR FORCE THINKING Khrushchev knew without any question whatsoever that he faced the full military power of the United States, including its nuclear weapons . That might be difficult to understand for some, but it is not difficult for me to understand, because we faced . . the possibility of launching nuclear weapons and Khrushchev knew it, and that is the reason, and the only reason, why he withdrew those weapons .

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