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By Winfried Wagner

In this quantity, 9 popular specialists delineate their theoretical or methodological process of Aikidô in potentiating optimistic dealing with of social conflicts. The authors depict the contribution of the japanese self-defensive paintings Aikidô to the speculation and perform of clash transformation. the idea that of Elicitive clash Transformation (Lederach, Dietrich) inevitably demands a revised knowing of utilized peace paintings and a brand new own profile of the clash employee. this can be the purpose the place Aikidô and conflict/peace paintings meet.

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Then, let go of yourself in your shoulders. Feel how this “letting go of yourself” is more than merely relaxing your shoulders! ➢ Now settle down in your lower pelvis (pelvis bowl) and feel the round and “rich”, calm and stable quality of hara-centralization. From here, we can continue to align, balance and extend front and back, left and right (space). Centering has a vertical and a horizontal dimension. This is not merely a visualization exercise. Visualizing (our body image) may guide us, but the aim here is to sense the process in your body.

But this is also true for many other languages. Ki in this phenomenological sense has always two sides (Wagner 1994, 8): a receptive, sensory side, experienced as af- 31 fected by the field, and an active, tonic side, experienced as a contribution to the field, where the person experiences himself as co-originator of the field. This phenomenal (atmospheric) field affects and is affected by our vitalemotional-mental state. Spoken in neurobiological terms, it is connected with our state of activation, arousal and alertness.

Physical locomotion for example requires a different centering than mental processes. It is analogous to the perspective vision: different sites (loci) provide different views (foci). With the heart one sees differently than merely with the eyes. Thus, there are more possible centralizations. I believe we have to assume at least a triple centering (see Wagner 2006): 1. The region of the lower abdomen is the sphere of our visceral-vegetative wellbeing and motion drive, in general the sphere of our vitality.

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