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By Vattimo, Gianni; Caputo, John D.; Robbins, Jeffrey W

ISBN-10: 0231141246

ISBN-13: 9780231141246

It has lengthy been assumed that the extra smooth we develop into, the fewer non secular we are going to be. but a up to date resurrection in religion has challenged the knowledge of this trust. In those unique essays and interviews, major hermeneutical philosophers and postmodern theorists John D. Caputo and Gianni Vattimo interact with each one other's earlier and current paintings at the topic and examine our transition from secularism to postsecularism.

As of the figures who've contributed the main to the theoretical reflections at the modern philosophical flip to faith, Caputo and Vattimo discover the adjustments, distortions, and reforms which are part of our postmodern religion and the forces shaping the spiritual mind's eye at the present time. Incisively and imaginatively connecting their argument to concerns starting from terrorism to fanaticism and from politics to media and tradition, those thinkers proceed to reinvent the sector of hermeneutic philosophy with wit, grace, and passion.

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In this way postmodern deconstruction is necessarily a twofold operation. As Caputo describes it with respect to his deconstructive reading of Heidegger: It is not only a negative work of exposing the insinuations of the myth of Being into the question of Being, of mercilessly 18 j e f f r e y w. r o b b i n s suspecting everything, even what appears to be innocent. It is also at the same time the positive production of another Heidegger, another reading of Heidegger, of a Heidegger demythologized, of a Heidegger read against Heidegger.

Is it possible then that I am the carrier of this absolute that I may unconditionally affirm without any doubts? Are these categories and is this structure of the mind no different than the truth that two plus two equals four? After all, there are cultures that eat their own, not to mention the many differences that exist even within European culture and thought. t owa r d a n o n r e l i g i o u s c h r i s t i a n i t y 31 The first wave of cultural anthropology acknowledged the existence of other cultures but, at the same time, emphasized their “primitive” status—that is, they were examples of an earlier or previous form of human relations.

Although Dostoevsky’s tale of the Grand Inquisitor certainly employs the tragic in this most existential spiritual crisis, it also anticipates a history—namely, our history of the postmodern return of a religion based in the love of Christ. On that, both Caputo and Vattimo can agree. In the pages of this book that follow, our quest for a new philosophy of religion will pass through the radical hermeneutics of John Caputo and Gianni Vattimo, through the movement of the death of God to the postmodern realization of the death of the death of God, from secularism to the return of religion, and beyond.

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