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Search and Destroy: The Story of an Armored Cavalry Squadron in Vietnam: 1-1 Cav, 1967-1968

The first Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, of the first Armored department, deployed to Vietnam from citadel Hood, Texas, in August 1967. seek and damage covers the 1/1's harrowing first 12 months and a half strive against within the war's hardest quarter of operations: I Corps. The e-book takes readers into the savage motion at notorious areas like Tam Ky, the Que Son Valley, the Pineapple wooded area, Hill 34, and Cigar Island, chronicling normal Westmoreland's search-and-destroy conflict of attrition opposed to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese military.

Mourning Headband for Hue: An Account of the Battle for Hue, Vietnam 1968

Vietnam, January, 1968. because the voters of Hue are getting ready to have fun Tet, the beginning of the Lunar New 12 months, Nha Ca arrives within the urban to wait her father’s funeral. abruptly, battle erupts throughout them, greatly altering or slicing brief their lives. After a month of scuffling with, their attractive urban lies in ruins and millions of individuals are lifeless.

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25fn late Jan uary 1945, a group described as "the Free French under-g rou nd" prov ided the Navy and the Fourtee nth Air Force wit h "pinpoi nt targets in the Sa igon area," see records of G - 2, 14th AF Indochi na fi le, 14th AF records. 2('ln te rv, author w ith Cell Albert C. , 2 Feb 72, Historians file s, CMH. 28 From Pearl Harbor 10 Ihe Japallese COlip The Japanese Takeover W ith the li beration of France and American victories in the Pacific, the French in Indochina underwent a dramatic change of attitude in the latter part of 1944 toward the Japanese occupation.

16Frank Warren, "On the Mandarin Road to Hue," Asia 39 (October 1939):563. 17Under Seey of Stale (Nelson T. Joh nson) to Am Consul , Sa igon (Harris M. OO16, RG 59. 9 Advice and Support: The Early Years, 1941 - 1960 Virginia Thom pson, who visited Ind ochina a nd published a highl y regarded study in 1937, echoed these reports. She emphasized the a pathy, insensiti vity, and placid ity of the Vie tnamese, which she attributed to their inad equate die t and the intense tropica l heat. " So convincing was Tho mpson's picture of the backwardness of the Vietnamese that her work was cited by the British Foreign Office du ri ng World War II to buttress its argu me nt that Indochina should be return ed to France.

Having been at war with China since 1937, the Japanese moved swiftly to take advantage of France's distress. They demanded that the French cease to allow war materials to be sent to China from Tonkin, grant Japan free access to the raw materials of Indochina, and allow the Japanese to use Indochina as a staging area for operations against China. Washington viewed this development with alarm. As a strong supporter of China and the on ly remaining power strong enough to challe nge Japan in the Pacific, the United States felt obliged to try to prevent what appeared to be but a first step in new Japanese aggressive moves against Southeast Asia.

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