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By Sarath D. Gunapala, David R. Rhiger and Chennupati Jagadish (Eds.)

Considering its inception in 1966, the sequence of numbered volumes often called Semiconductors and Semimetals has exceptional itself throughout the cautious number of recognized authors, editors, and members. The "Willardson and Beer" sequence, because it is well known, has succeeded in publishing a number of landmark volumes and chapters. not just did lots of those volumes make an impression on the time in their book, yet they remain well-cited years after their unique unencumber. lately, Professor Eicke R. Weber of the collage of California at Berkeley joined as a co-editor of the sequence. Professor Weber, a widely known specialist within the box of semiconductor fabrics, will extra give a contribution to carrying on with the sequence' culture of publishing well timed, hugely appropriate, and long-impacting volumes. a number of the fresh volumes, reminiscent of Hydrogen in Semiconductors, Imperfections in III/V fabrics, Epitaxial Microstructures, High-Speed Heterostructure units, Oxygen in Silicon, and others promise that this custom could be maintained or even elevated. Reflecting the actually interdisciplinary nature of the sphere that the sequence covers, the volumes in Semiconductors and Semimetals were and should stay of significant curiosity to physicists, chemists, fabrics scientists, and equipment engineers in glossy industry.Written and edited via across the world popular expertsRelevent to a large readership: physicists, chemists, fabrics scientists, and gadget engineers in academia, clinical laboratories and sleek undefined.

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Since the absorption QE serves as an upper limit of the external QE (unless there is a gain in the structure), the difference between these QEs indicates that not all photogenerated carriers reach the contacts. 15 V. To achieve a high collection efficiency of excited carriers the minority carrier lifetime should be long. The minority carrier lifetime is dependent on the radiative lifetime (τ R ), as well as the nonradiative lifetime (τ nR ). The nonradiative lifetime is influenced by several different recombination processes of which the most important ones are the Shockley-Read-Hall (SRH) recombination, Auger processes, and surface recombination.

2002). Absorption spectroscopy is a straightforward technique for extracting essential parameters about the detector performance, such as absorption quantum efficiency and spectral response. , 2010). As described below, by combining absorption spectroscopy with the information gained from PL and EL, a good indication of the attainable performance of detectors fabricated from the studied material can be obtained. Good IR detector material is characterized by high-absorption quantum efficiency (QEa ) and a long lifetime of the minority carriers (τ ).

16 illustrates the energy band diagrams of some idealized examples of the type-II superlattice-based infrared detectors that make use of unipolar barriers. Broadly speaking, they are based on either the nBn/pBp/XBn architecture (Klipstein, 2008; Maimon, 2010; Maimon and Wicks, 2003, 2006) or the variations of the double heterostructure design. , 2007) in which an LWIR superlattice and an MWIR superlattice are separated by an AlGaSb unipolar barrier. , 2007). , 2010). , 2008). , 2010a). -Y. Ting et al.

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