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By D.F. Houlihan, D.R. Livingstone, R.F. Lee

ISBN-10: 3642758991

ISBN-13: 9783642758997

Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology is helping biologists, physiologists, and biochemists retain music of the wide literature within the box. supplying complete, built-in stories and sound, serious, and provocative summaries, this sequence is a must for all lively researchers in environmental and comparative physiology.

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Life Sci 17:1861-1868 Leipoldt M, Kellner HG, Stark S (1984) Comparative analysis ofribosomal RNA in various fish and other vertebrates: Hidden breaks and ribosomal function in phylogenetically tetraploid species of cyprinidae. Comp Biochem Physiol 77B:769-777 Lewis SEM, Kelly FJ, Goldspink DF (1984) Pre- and post-natal growth and protein turnover in smooth muscle, heart and slow- and fast-twitch skeletal muscle of the rat. Biochem J 217:517-526 Protein Turnover in Ectotherms and Its Relationships to Energetics 41 Lied E, Lund B, von der Decken A (1982) Protein synthesis in vitro by epaxial muscle polyribosomes from cod, Gadus rnorhua, Comp Biochem Physiol 72B: 187-193 Lied E, Rosenlund G, Lund B, Von der Decken A (1983) Effects of starvation and refeeding on in vitro protein synthesis in white trunk muscle of Atlantic of (Gadus rnorhua).

The higher costs from regression analyses are generally explained on the basis that other metabolic processes are closely correlated with protein synthesis and are included in the regression coefficient. Nevertheless, the close relationship between protein synthesis and oxygen consumption suggests that the former provides a good indicator of the an animal's energy requirements (Hawkins et al. 1989). Another approach to estimating energy costs of protein synthesis is to inhibit synthesis and to measure the decline in synthesis and oxygen consumption.

However, as has been described above, there is now evidence that nutritional levels can control protein synthesis rates not only in muscle but also in the liver and gill. The mechanisms by which intracellular proteins are degraded is largely unknown, although both lysosomal and non-lysosomal protein degradation occurs (Dannevig and Berg 1978; Mankinodan et al. 1982). There is evidence tha t there are variable rates of weight loss between individual fish during starvation (Love 1980), but in cod whole body protein synthesis rates were not different (Houlihan et al.

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