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By Robert Gardner

ISBN-10: 146450492X

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How does antibacterial cleaning soap have an effect on micro organism? What nutrition meets your strength standards? how will you degree blood strain, metabolic cost, and energy? younger scientists find out about the clinical technique whereas experimenting with hygiene and future health. Many experiments during this e-book comprise principles you should use for technology reasonable initiatives.

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How can that data be recorded as breaths per minute? In the same way, have your partner determine your breathing rate at one-minute intervals until your breathing rate returns to the rate you had when standing before exercising. Record all the data. Plot a graph of breathing rate in breaths per minute versus time, in minutes, for the period following your exercise. What can you conclude from the graph? Repeat this experiment with a volunteer who is in very good physical condition and with a volunteer of the same age, gender, and weight who is not.

Blood pressure in arteries is greatest when the heart is contracting, forcing more blood into these vessels. It is lowest when the heart is between pumps. Blood pressure involves two measurements: systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the larger one. It occurs when the heart contracts, pushing blood into the arteries. Diastolic pressure appears just before the heart contracts, when the pressure in the arteries is at a minimum. The systolic pressure is recorded first, followed by the diastolic pressure.

About this Book THE SCIENCE OF STAYING HEALTHY What diet meets your energy requirements? How can you measure blood pressure, metabolic rate, and calories? Learn about the scientific method while you are experimenting with life science. Many experi ments in this book include ideas you can use for your science fair project. About the Authors ROBERT GARDNER is a retired high school teacher of physics, chemistry, and physical science. BARBARA GARDNER CONKLIN is a special education teacher. After teaching science for nearly thirty years, SALVATORE TOCCI decided to devote his time to writing chemistry textbooks and science books for young readers.

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