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    'Collins Wordpower' is a sequence of compact, complete and simple courses to English utilization: the genuine English courses to genuine English.

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    The Punjab, the Afghan border region, Kashmir, Sind and BaluchisTAN certainly do form a coincidental acronym, Pakistan, but it doesn’t really wash; Kashmir was never included in the country that was founded in 1947. To Muslims, Pakistan means ‘holy land’. SCROD is a fish on many restaurant menus, especially in the US. Know-alls have long insisted that it is not a species of fish but an acronym of Special Catch Received On Dock; that is, the miscellaneous haul of the day, whatever it is. In fact scrod is a young Atlantic cod or haddock and its name derives from the practice of splitting it upon landing ready for cooking (from the Dutch schrode, to strip).

    Also agitpop, the use of pop music for political purposes AGM annual general meeting; air-to-ground missile AGS American Geographical Society AH anno Hegirae. After 622 AD, the Muslim dating system ah ha! American Holistic Health Association’s newsletter AHQ Army Headquarters AI Artificial insemination; artificial intelligence AIA Association of International Accountants AIAA Association of International Advertising Agencies AICC All India Congress Committee AIDAS Agricultural Industry Development Advisory Service AID artificial insemination by donor; acute infectious disease AIDA advertising basics: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome; aircraft integrated data system AIH artificial insemination by husband AILAS automatic instrument landing approach system AIME American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers AIR All India Radio AIS androgen insensitivity syndrome AITC Association of Investment Trust Companies AJA Anglo-Jewish Association; Australian Journalists’ Association AJC Australian Jockey Club aka also known as AL American Legion ALA American Library Association ALCM air-launched cruise missile ALCS Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society A-level advanced level of education ALF Animal Liberation Front; automatic letter facer A-line Women’s fashion shape: dress flaring from neck or waist Algol Algorithmic computer programming language ALL acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Ally Pally Alexandra Palace, London ALPA Airline Pilots’ Association ALPO Association of Land and Property Owners ALS, als autograph letter, signed aM On the River Main (for certain German cities and towns) AM; am amplitude modulation; ante meridiem, or before noon; Albert Medal; Member of the Order of Australia AMA American Medical Association; Australian Medical Association; American Motors Corporation; Association of Management Consultants American States and Territories The following are the two-letter abbreviations used by the US Postal Service: AL Alabama MD Maryland RI Rhode Island AK Alaska MA Massachusetts SC South Carolina AZ Ariona MI Michigan SD South Dakota AR Arkansas MN Minnesota TN Tennessee CA California MS Mississippi TX Texas CO Colorado MO Missouri UT Utah CT Connecticut MT Montana VT Vermont DE Delaware NE Nebraska VA Virginia FL Florida NV Nevada WA Washington GA Georgia NH New Hampshire WV West Virginia HI Hawaii NJ New Jersey WI Wisconsin ID Idaho NM New Mexico WY Wyoming IL Illinois NY New York CZ Canal Zone IN Indiana NC North Carolina DC District of Colombia IA Iowa ND North Dakota KS Kansas OH Ohio GU Guam KY Kentucky OK Oklahoma PR Puerto Rico LA Louisiana OR Oregon VI Virgin Islands ME Maine PA Pennsylvania AMJEX American Express; American Stock Exchange AMF Australian Military Forces AMIEE Associate Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers AMIMechE Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers AML acute myeloid leukaemia AMP Australian Mutual Provident Society AMSAM anti-missile surface-to-air missile AMSTRAD Alan Michael Sugar Trading (Company) ANA Article Number Association (issues bar code numbers) ANC African National Congress anon anonymous (usually refers to an author, unknown) ANZAAS Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science AMIAE, et al When you see an abbreviation like this beginning with A, it is very likely that the A stands for ‘Associate’ – in the above case, Associate Member of the Institute of Automobile Engineers, There are several hundred scientific, professional and trade institutes which issue diplomas of competence; so many, in fact, that it is impracticable to list all but the most important in this desktop dictionary.

    Anzac Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (WW1) ANZUS Australia, New Zealand and US defence pact AOB; aob any other business AOC Appellation d’origine controlee AOH Ancient Order of Hibernians AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty AOP Association of Optical Practitioners AOR album-oriented rock; album-oriented radio AP Associated Press (US) APC acetylsalycylic acid, phenacetin and caffeine in combination as a popular headache remedy APEX advance purchase excursion (a railway or airline reduced fare); Association of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff aph aphorism APH The late author, humorist and MP Sir Alan Herbert APHI Association of Public Health Inspectors APLE Association of Public Lighting Engineers APR annual percentage rate APT Advanced Passenger Train; automatic picture transmission APTIS All Purpose Ticket Issuing System APU Assessment Performance Unit (educational research unit) ar; arr arrives; arrived AR anno regni (in the year of the reign of) Aramco Arabian-American Oil Company ARC Aids-related complex arch archaism; archaic; architect; architecture ARCS Associate of the Royal College of Science ARSR air route surveillance radar artic articulated vehicle AS air speed ASA Advertising Standards Authority; Amateur Swimming Association; American Standards Association (photographic speed rating) ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange asap as soon as possible ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines) ASH Action on Smoking and Health ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASLEF Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen ASM assistant sergeant-major; assistant sales manager; assistant scout master; assistant stage manager; air-to-surface missile ASN average sample number ASO American Symphony Orchestra ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPEP Association of Scientists and Professional Engineering Personnel ASPF Association of Superannuation and Pension Funds ASR airport surveillance radar AST Atlantic Standard Time AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Company ATC air traffic control; Air Training Corps ATD Art Teacher’s Diploma; actual time of departure ATHE Association of Teachers in Higher Education ATM automatic teller machine ATO assisted take-off Airline Acronyms Although Delta is the only airline listed in the dictionary with a spoof acronym (Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive) there are, apparently, many more, most of them the wicked inventions of frustrated passengers.

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