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By Graham King

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The entire consultant to abbreviations and acronyms.

  • from Abba to Zip, the total consultant to abbreviations
  • the simplest and worst of acronyms, from Mencap to CREEP
  • the precise reference resource for domestic, place of work, tuition or study

    'Collins Wordpower' is a sequence of compact, complete and hassle-free publications to English utilization: the true English courses to genuine English.

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    Doctors’ Abbreviations E East, West and other Points of the Compass E numbers F We’re all jolly good Fellows! ABQUIZ G Gay An abbreviation too far? H I Ibid, Idem, Inf and other footnotes I = The International Community Internet Abbrajargon Initials J Jeevesian Abbreviations Jokey Acronyms K Kt-KB3, B-KN5 L Lewd Acronyms M Man Through The Ages M0, M1, M2… Money, Money, Money! MIS, Ml19 and the Secret World N An Initial Quiz Answers to Initial Quiz O OAPs and Senior Citizens Oz Abbros P PORC: Protests, Organisations, Rallies and Causes Poms, Pommies and POMEs PIX, NIX and Varietyese Portmanteau Words Mind your Ps and Qs Q Some Curious Qs A Question of being POSH R European Car Registration Letters The Three Rs S Spoof Acronyms An Abbreviated Quiz Abbreviated Quiz Answers That’s Show Business!

    Others are undoubtedly creations from the test tube, such as E233 (2-thiazol-4-yl benzimidazole thiabenzadole, used to treat bananas). Here are some of the more common E numbers: Colours E100 curcumin – used in flour and margarine E101 riboflavin E102 The notorious tartrazine, used to heighten the orange colour of soft drinks and blamed by many for “driving hyperactive kids barmy”. ) – used in cake decorations Antioxidants E300 L-ascorbic acid – used in fruit drinks and bread E307 synthetic alpha-tocopherol – used in baby foods E310 propyl gallate – chewing gum, vegetable oils E320 butylated hydroxytoluene – soup mixes, cheese spreads Preservatives E200 sorbic acid – soft drinks, yogurt, cheese slices E201 sodium sorbate E202 potassium sorbate E203 calcium sorbate – frozen pizzas, cakes, buns E210 benzoic acid E221 sodium sulphite E227 calcium bisulphite – dried fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, sausages, dairy desserts, cider, beer and wine E252 potassium nitrate – used for curing ham, bacon, corned beef, some cheese Emulsifiers and stabilisers E322 lecithins – chocolate and low fat spreads E400 alginic acid – icecream, soft cheese E407 carrageenan – milk shakes, jellies E410 carob gum – salad cream E412 guar gum – packet soups E413 gum tragacanth – salad dressing, cheese E414 gum arabic – confectionery E440 pectin – jams and preserves E465 ethylmethylcellulose – used in gateaux Others E420 sorbitol – diabetic jams and confectionery El70 calcium carbonate E260 acetic acid E290 carbon dioxide – carbonates fizzy drinks E330 citric acid E334 tartaric acid E338 orthophosphoric acid – flavourings Be warned that non-E numbers on packaging include potentially harmful agents: 507 (hydrochloric acid), 513 (sulphuric acid), 536 (potassium ferrocyanide), 925 (chlorine).

    There are dozens of specialist arts degrees, too: BA(Arts); BA(Econ); BA(Theol), etc; and scores of variations on science degrees: BSc(H Ec); BSc(Med Lab Tech) – of which only the most significant are listed in this desktop dictionary. BSCP British Standard Code of Practice BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy (‘mad cow’ disease) BSG British Standard Gauge (railways) BSI British Standards Institution B-side The ‘flip’ or less important side of a vinyl record BSkyB British Sky Broadcasting (an amalgamation of Sky TV and BSB, British Satellite Broadcasting) BSRA British Sound Recording Association BSSc Bachelor of Social Science (sometimes BSocSc) BST British Summer Time Bt, Bart Baronet BTC British Transport Commission btl bottle BTU British Thermal Unit BTW by the way Bucks Buckinghamshire BUPA British United Provident Association BURMA be undressed, ready, my angel (on lover’s envelope) BV Besloten Vennootschap (private company in Holland) BVDs Mens’ one-piece underwear originally made by the US firm Bradley, Voorhees & Day BVI British Virgin Islands b/w black and white; monochrome BWA British West Africa BWIA British West Indies Airways BWM, Bwm burst water main BWV Bach Werke-Verzeichnis (numbered catalogue of the works of J S Bach, first published in 1950) BYO, byo bring your own; BYOB = bring your own bottle/beer Byz Byzantine C Cabal The story goes that the word cabal (a secret clique) derives from an acronym made up of the first letters of the names of five ministers of Charles II who signed an infamous treaty in 1672 – Clifford, Ashley Cooper, Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale.

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