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By Marie Conway Oemler

1919 novel through Marie Conway Oemler (1879 -1932), the writer of Slippy McGee, occasionally often called the Butterfly guy (1917), a lady Named Smith (1919), and The pink Heights (1920).

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And when it’s done—we’ll have a home. Vision it as it’s going to be, Sophy—rosewood and mahogany and walnut, old brass and china and prints and portraits, the sort of things we’ve only been able to dream of up to now. Why, this house has been waiting for us! ” Alicia, has the gay courage of the Irish. The heavy iron knocker on the front door resounded clamorously. “Uncle Adam thinks we’ve been ha’nted out of existence, and he’s hammering to wake the dead,” said I. 20 A Woman Named Smith But it wasn’t Uncle Adam to whom we opened the door.

Nobody spoke to us, though the eyes of the young men were not unaware of Alicia’s fairness. 44 A Woman Named Smith In a great city, of course, one takes that sort of thing for granted; but in this small town, where everybody knew and spoke to everybody else, the effect was chilling. ” murmured Alicia. ” During the services I was conscious of covert glances in our direction, but whenever a pair of feminine eyes met mine, they slid off like lizards and glided another way, with calculated Christian indifference.

Alicia was rejoicing for the thousandth time over this treasure of hand-woven French art. Of a sudden, horrible yells rose from the garden, and a shrieking negro went by the window like an arrow. ” as he disappeared. Uncle Adam, catching his panic, bolted with him; the two negro women followed. Only Mary Magdalen, amazonian arms bare, a rolling-pin grasped in a formidable fist, stood like a rock of defense behind us. ” trumpeted Mary Magdalen. Outside, Schmetz was jumping up and down, flapping his arms, and screaming in voluble French: “Name of a dog!

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