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By Marie Conway Oemler

1919 novel by way of Marie Conway Oemler (1879 -1932), the writer of Slippy McGee, occasionally referred to as the Butterfly guy (1917), a girl Named Smith (1919), and The crimson Heights (1920).

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His mother and his wife believed in his innocence and refused to hear a word against him. These two things only did Richard Hynds salvage in that utter wreck and catastrophe—his mother’s faith and his wife’s love. 38 A Woman Named Smith “He lost his father’s. This was a man, who, under his pleasant exterior of a landed gentleman, was rigid and inflexible. He had already borne a great deal, remember; but this was disgrace, an indelible stain upon a stainless name. Therefore this father, who was at the same time a just and good man, disinherited his favorite child and eldest son.

The weather had changed into days of deep blue skies, splendid days full of the warmth of potential power; and nights filled with fragrance, nights of fierce beauty, and the glamour of golden moons, and the thrilling melody of that feathered Israfel, the mocking-bird. Through our open windows immense moths, spirits of the summer nights, drifted in on enameled and jeweled wings and circled in a fire-worshiping dance around our light. Those were wonderful days. For that was a house of surprises, a house full of laid-by things.

J. H. Hynds by his Affec. ” There was that in the face which won you instantly; it was so clear-eyed, so gallant, so brave, so honest. So we gave him and his pretty, meek mother the place of honor in the room that had once heard his laughter and seen her tears. And we brought down-stairs the fine painting of Colonel James Hampden, who was the splendid colonial in claret-color that we had so much admired, and hung him and a smaller painting marked, “Jessamine, Aged 22” where they could look down on those two.

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