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By L. Agosta

A rumor of empathy in vicarious receptivity, knowing, interpretation, narrative, and empathic intersubjectivity turns into the scandal of empathy in Lipps and Strachey. but whilst all of the philosophical arguments and different types are entire and all of the hermeneutic circles spun out, we're simply within the presence of one other person.

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Each individual is worthy of respect as an end in himself. That provides a structure for universal communicability, which, however, risks transgressing the limit of aesthetic judgment and turning a judgment of the sublime into a determinate moral judgment, surpassing the requirements of a reflective aesthetic judgment (whether of beauty or of the sublime) since the latter judges by means of feeling not a concept. Kant steps back from the edge: “[T]he sublime in nature is only improperly so called, and should properly be ascribed only to the manner of thinking or that to its foundation in human nature” (1790/93b: §30; 160–162; AA180).

One’s “searching out what one can expect from him,” the other, is based on the visible features of the facial manifold in a vicarious experience. Thus, although one’s experience of the other starts with morality, it does not remain there. It is a reconstruction of Kant’s analysis, but a plausible one, that the vicarious experience of the other has at its kernel a nucleus of respect for the other, a (dis)interested openness to what is going on “over there” that leaves the other complete and whole in the other person’s own experience in the knowledge he or she is not alone.

Typically children will fail the test at four years of age, but succeed in passing it at five. After the age of about five, a hypothesized “theory of mind” undergoes further development—perhaps even a paradigm shift—and the child is able to take the perspectives of different roles in the story, realizing what information is available from which perspective. The test is also used to determine certain forms of autism spectrum disorders, which are hypothesized to be a function of an individual’s inability to experience the world from another’s perspective, a cognitive form of empathic interpretation (Baron-Cohen 1995).

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