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A rumor of empathy in vicarious receptivity, realizing, interpretation, narrative, and empathic intersubjectivity turns into the scandal of empathy in Lipps and Strachey. but whilst the entire philosophical arguments and different types are entire and the entire hermeneutic circles spun out, we're readily within the presence of one other individual.

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Without fully appreciating the consequences for his use of sympathy, Hume transforms sympathy in the direction of “benevolence,” the latter being an optimal responsiveness that interests us in the good of mankind: ‘Tis true, when the cause is compleat, and a good disposition is attended with good fortune, which renders it really beneficial to society, it gives a stronger pleasure to the spectator, and is attended with a more lively sympathy (1739: 585). 0005 A Rumor of Empathy in Hume’s Many Uses of Sympathy  Virtue in rags is still virtue, as Hume famously notes, and sympathy interests us in the good of all mankind (“society”) (1739: 584), including communities distant from us in location or time.

The necessity is the necessary relatedness to the other. Without the other, empathy falls back to emotional contagion, not relatedness to the other. , Lipps). 0006  A Rumor of Empathy the disinterested, (non)purposive, universal, and necessary feelings known as judgments of taste. However, something remains left over in the communicability of feeling which Kant discards as mere charm and emotion, but which can be used to abstract out vicarious experience. That is because, the communicability of feeling is communication with the other, and it is implemented as a capability resulting in vicarious experiences that become the basis of assertions about the animate expression of life of other individuals.

After the age of about five, a hypothesized “theory of mind” undergoes further development—perhaps even a paradigm shift—and the child is able to take the perspectives of different roles in the story, realizing what information is available from which perspective. The test is also used to determine certain forms of autism spectrum disorders, which are hypothesized to be a function of an individual’s inability to experience the world from another’s perspective, a cognitive form of empathic interpretation (Baron-Cohen 1995).

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