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By David LaRocca

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ISBN-13: 9781611688283

This thought-provoking assortment gathers a roster of professional Emerson students to handle anew the way in which non-American writers and texts inspired Emerson, whereas additionally discussing the style during which Emerson’s writings encouraged a various array of non-American authors. This quantity contains new, unique, and fascinating learn on an important themes that experience for the main half been absent from contemporary serious literature. whereas the motivations for this undertaking might be wide-spread to students of literary stories and the heritage of philosophy, its subject matters, topics, and texts are relatively novel. an influence to Translate the area presents a touchstone for a brand new new release of students attempting to orient themselves to Emerson’s ongoing relevance to international literature and philosophy.

Hardcover is un-jacketed.

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Johannes Voelz, “Utopias of Transnationalism and the Neoliberal State,” in Fluck, Pease, and Rowe, Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies, 357, 370, 357. Subsequent references to this work will be cited parenthetically in the text by page number. 11. Voelz continues, parenthetically: “(characterized by the whole gamut of the rise of the transnational corporation, the emergence of global governance regimes, and the structural reorganization of the nation-state by such measures as deregulation, the concentration of power in the executive branch, the outsourcing of executive functions, and the limiting of citizenship rights)” (356).

16 Obama’s fluctuation between the positions of the sovereign and the homo [ 40 ] D on ald E . Pe a se sacer enabled him to deploy both of the positions within the structuring racist antinomy—the venerated black messiah/black terrorist—to his political advantage. 17 By representing the desire for change in terms of his effort to achieve a “more perfect union,” he ratified an understanding of history as a series of impasses. Barack Obama may have represented his presidential campaign as a truly “transformative moment,” a change whose time had come, but he did not align his political aspirations with a belief in the prog­ ress of American history.

35. [I] Emerson beyond Borders in His Time [1] Donald E. Pease The Anti-Slave from Emerson to Obama Readings of Emerson have normatively assumed the form of variations on the theme of the crisis precipitated by conflicting interpretations of Emerson’s attitude toward questions of social reform. 2 Emerson encouraged contradictory readings of his work when he refused to consolidate the heterogeneous personifications of his project into a coherent identity. Rather than making them cohere, Emerson placed the persona of the Reformer, through whom he advanced powerful demands for social change, in a relationship of antagonistic cooperation with the persona of the Transcendentalist, who was averse to limit thinking to questions of social reform.

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