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By Chapman Cohen

A Grammar of Freethought

By Chapman Cohen

Outgrowing the Gods

It has to be left if you happen to learn the next pages to make your mind up how a ways this publication lives as much as its name. That it leaves many facets of lifestyles untouched is sort of transparent, yet there has to be a restrict to every little thing, even to the dimensions and scope of a ebook; additionally, the paintings doesn't target at being an encyclopædia, yet purely an overview of what may well relatively be considered as the Freethought place. Freethought, back, is just too fluid a time period to allow its teachings being summarized in a suite creed, however it does stand for a definite yes perspective of brain relating to these difficulties of existence with which considerate women and men challenge themselves. it's that psychological perspective which I goal at depicting.

To people who are in a roundabout way fascinated about the assault on supernaturalism it may well even be an issue of remorse that a lot of this paintings is anxious with a feedback of spiritual ideals. yet that's an coincidence of the placement. we haven't but reached that degree in affairs once we can have the funds for to permit faith by myself, and one may possibly without difficulty be excused the suspicion that those that, with out believing in it, profess to take action, are extra fascinated about averting a tricky, if no longer risky, topic, than they're with the matter of constructing sane and sound equipment of considering. And whereas a few who stand ahead as leaders of renowned idea fail to do their half within the paintings of attacking supernaturalistic ideals, others are perforce forced to dedicate extra time than they'd in a different way to the duty. That, in short, is my apology for relating myself so mostly with spiritual subject matters, and leaving virtually untouched different fields the place the Freethought perspective may end up both fruitful of results.

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45 the end the Church succeeded in effecting this, and its success was registered in the almost unbelievable degradation of the human intellect which was exSo hibited in the Christian world for centuries. complete was this demoralization that more than a thousand years later we find men announcing as a most daring principle a demand for freedom of discussion which in old Greece and Rome was never officially Christianity not merely killed freedom questioned. wherever it established itself, but killing even the memory of it.

For the lie is accepted by the many, while the truth is seen only by the few. But it is the few to whom we turn when we look over the names of those who have made the world what is it. All the benefits to society come from the few, and society crucifies them to show its gratitude. One may put it that society lives on the usual, but flourishes on account of the exception. Now there is something extremely significant in the Christian religion tracing all the disasters of mankind to a primal act of disobedience.

New things are not at first always But pleasant, even though they may be necessary. the temper of mind from which rebellion springs is one that society can only suppress at its peril. — CHAPTER V. THE STRUGGLE FOR THE CHILD. If the truth of what has been said above be admitted, follows that civilization has two fundamental aspects.

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