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By John Cowper Powys

"A Glastonbury Romance, first released in 1932, is Powys masterwork, an epic novel of remarkable cumulative strength and lyrical depth. In it he probes the paranormal and religious ethos of the small English village of Glastonbury, and the impact upon its population of a legendary culture from the remotest previous of human historical past - the legend of the Grail. Powys's wealthy iconography interweaves the traditional with the trendy, the ancient with the mythical, and the ingenious inside of guy with the wildlife outdoors him to create a publication of incredible scope and beauty."

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But with what? (R, 304) She echoes Lawrence’s immediate response to the “colossal idiocy” of the First World War, in which “everything seems gone to pieces”. Like Lawrence in “sheer rage” (ii. 212, 206), she wants “to rebel, to rage, to fight. ” Lawrence lamented on 25 August 1914 that “the war is just hell for me. I don’t see why I should be so disturbed – but I am. I can’t get away from it for a minute: live in a sort of coma, like one of those nightmares when you can’t move” (ii. 211). 18 The trauma cannot be countered because it both escapes the victim’s grasp, and penetrates his being.

Meanwhile, he lamented that “the subterranean black universe of the things which have not yet had being – has conquered me for now, and I can’t escape” (ii. 307). ” Lawrence mirrored Eliot in identifying narcissism as a defensive measure which could be inverted by masochistically relishing violation; significantly though, composing in the first person Lawrence both diagnosed society, and himself. 34 War Trauma and English Modernism Lawrence’s early reaction to the war, which would dominate him in the post-war period, can be diagnosed in terms of “traumatic identification”, of mimicking the aggressor.

7 Alongside these financial obligations, the individual freedom of the officer was at the cost of obedience to a wide range of rules and regulations in military law. This obedience was instilled during public school education which developed independence of character alongside a team spirit based on order, authority and discipline. 8 Lawrence revealed Skrebensky’s consciousness of his social status as an officer and gentleman. When Ursula observes that the bargeman is “gentle”, Skrebensky remonstrates that he cannot be a “gentleman” since his wife was probably a servant.

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