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By Edsger W. Dijkstra

He starts by way of contemplating the questions, «What is an algorithm?» and «What are we doing after we program?» those questions lead him to an engaging digression at the semantics of programming languages, which, in flip, ends up in essays on programming language constructs, scoping of variables, and array references. Dijkstra then offers, as promised, a set of gorgeous algorithms. those algorithms are a ways ranging, protecting mathematical computations, several types of sorting difficulties, development matching, convex hulls, and extra. simply because this can be an outdated publication, the algorithms provided are often now not the simplest on hand. despite the fact that, the price in studying A self-discipline of Programming is to take in and comprehend the way in which that Dijkstra considered those difficulties, which, in many ways, is extra worthy than one thousand algorithms.

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7 23 S UMMARY RISC machines are based on the idea that by speeding up the commonest simple instructions one could afford to pay a penalty in the unusual case of more complex operations and make a large net gain in performance. Memory consists of a number of cells, each of which will hold one eight-bit number or byte. A program's address space is composed of three parts - the text segment, which holds the instructions for a program, the data segment and the stack segment. The M IPS processor contains 32 general-purpose registers and conventions have been established as to how registers should be used.

SPIM provides a small set of 10 operating-system-like services through the system call ( sys c a l l ) instruction. In effect, these simulate an extremely simple operating system. To request a service, a program loads the system call code (see Table 3 . 2) into register $v0 and the arguments into registers $ a 0 . . $ a 3 (or $ f 1 2 for floating point values) . Sy ste m calls that return values put their result in register $v0 (or $ £ 0 for floating point results) . The use of these system calls will be explained and demonstrated in example programs in the following chapters.

For example, to sum 50 numbers, one would not have 50 add instructions in the program, but instead would have the add instruction once and go round a loop 50 times. 2 C O N T RO L STRU CTU RES In an abstract view, operations in programs can be divided into two groups: • • data manipulation - expression evaluation and assignments control - determine which instruction to execute next. From this point of view, all th e action takes place in the assignments and the control instructions are just there to help the computer get the data manipul ation instructions in the right or d e r The instructions used to alter the flow of control are known as branches and jumps.

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