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By Raymond Hickey

A Dictionary of sorts of English offers a entire directory of the detailed dialects and varieties of English spoken during the modern world.

  • Provides a useful creation and consultant to present examine developments within the field
  • Includes definitions either for the varieties of English and areas they function, and for terms and concepts derived from a linguistic research of those varieties
  • Explores vital learn concerns together with the transportation of dialects of English, the increase of ‘New Englishes’, sociolinguistic investigations of varied English-speaking locales, and the research of language touch and change.
  • Reflects our elevated knowledge of world kinds of English, and the advances made within the learn of types of the language in contemporary decades
  • Creates a useful, informative source for college students and students alike, spanning the wealthy and numerous linguistic forms of the main commonly authorized language of foreign communication

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In the case of Spanish there is an academy in Madrid and others in the major Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America as well as an association of such academies which strives to agree on standard usage for Spanish. 12 Acadia Acadia A part of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French colony of New France (La Nouvelle France) in Canada which at its maximum extent included the area of the present-day Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) and the stretch of coast down to Maine in the United States.

Afrogenesis The view that the essential features of Atlantic creoles were already established in West Africa before slaves were transported to the Caribbean and North America. Proponents of this view, such as John McWhorter, claim that the assumption is necessary to account for the structural similarities among Atlantic creoles. Afro-Seminole A creole spoken by a few hundred speakers in present-day Oklahoma (Seminole County), Texas (Bracketville) and possibly in north Mexico as well. Ian Hancock suggested that Afro-Seminole is related to Gullah and that both are early creole forms of African American English.

5]). 1 Language variation and change. If an entry consists of a phrase, then the head of this phrase, often a noun governed by of, usually forms the first word of an entry, for example for the deletion of unstressed syllables see syllables, deletion of unstressed. Where a term consists of an adjective plus a noun it is the latter which normally forms the first part of the entry, for example simplification, phonological is the entry for phonological simplification. There are a few exceptions to this, in particular varieties of English themselves.

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