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B) record-setting leap (pun of first "bound"). 17-18. bound PR 4, 632 (a) n. boundary. (b) adj. chained. bounty ix 1033 Lest he command them down into the deep Bound, so inflame my sense With ardor to enjoy thee, fairer now Than ever, bounty of this virtuous tree. (a) gift. (b) specifically, gift of "this virtuous tree" as new deity, the last ref. to "bounty" having been: "God hath here I Varied his bounty so with new delights" (v 430-1). bounty scorned, as x 54 Justice shall not return as bounty scorned.

Burden (for C). cry ii 654 A cry of hell-hounds (a) pack. (b) howl (cf. 658). Richardson (who does not notice meaning (a)). cubic vi 399 In cubic phalanx (a) four-square. Todd. (b) cubical. Masson. cumbersome I Luggage PR 3, 400-1 (a) unwieldy baggage and equipment, for which the L. is(b) impedimenta. cure (a) (b) (c) ix 776 Here grows the cure ofall, this fruit divine, remedy. charge, duty (ironic). care, trouble (1. cura). Fowler. See care, above. Dagon i 462 Dagon his name, sea monster, upward man And downward fish; SA, 13 Dagon their sea-idol, (a) deity of the Philistines.

A cleaving mischief, climate ix 45 cold Climate, (a) atmospheric conditions. (b) region, clime. Fowler. clime Arc, 24 Who had thought this clime had held A deity so unparalleled? i242 Is this the region, this the soil, the clime, i 297 the torrid clime Smote on him sore (a) locality, region. (b) climate. VC. Prince. clime vii 18 though from a lower clime (a) region, realm. (b) climb. Fowler. cloisters: see Cloysters. close ii 638 a fleet descried ... by equinoctial winds Close sailing (a) near together, in a compact group.

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