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By Edward Semple Le Comte

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Sage (Broadbent). (c) brewed? brooding L' A, 6 Where brooding darkness spreads his jealous wings, (a) incubating. (b) indulging in melancholy. Sage (Broadbent). brooding i 21 Dove-like sat'st brooding on the vast abyss And mad'st it pregnant: (a) incubating. (b) implication of regret for the production. Shawcross. budge C, 707 those budge doctors of the Stoic fur, (a) solemn in demeanor, pompous. (b) a kind of fur used in academic gowns (lamb's skin with wool dressed outwards). VC. (c) sheep-like and muzzy in following the flock.

Deflowered ix 901 Strange alteration in me, to degree Of reason in my inward powers, and speech (a) a certain amount, extent. (b) step or stage in an ascent. Fowler. degree ix 599 deject PR 2, 219 her female pride deject, (a) discouraged. (b) cast down. deliverance, deliverer xii 235, 600; PR 2, 35; 3,374; xii 149,479 "Jesus" means "deliverer", as Shawcross notes: "Etymological Significance", pp. 46-7. depressed SA, 1698 So virtue ... Depressed, (a) lit. held down. (b) overcome, vanquished. Lockwood.

B) comparing angels to the church: confirmation is the formal ratification of the election of a bishop. (OED 2c). confirmed xi 71 conformed ii 217 to the place conformed (a) fitted. (b) yielded. Confounded though immortal. and there confounded leave; xii 455 (a) routed, defeated utterly. (b) poured together (L. confundere)- into the abyss. (c) spoiled, corrupted. Elledge. confounded i 53 confusion i 220 Treble confusion, (a) overthrow. Cf. "confounded", above. (b) mental obscuration, darkening of faculties.

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