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By Sherman Hollar

ISBN-10: 1615305807

ISBN-13: 9781615305803

Age diversity: eight - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter 1 the diversity of Animal lifestyles 12

Chapter 2 class and behaviour 33

Chapter three Animals with out Backbones 50

Chapter four Animals with Backbones 61

Conclusion 75

Glossary 77

For additional information 80

Bibliography 83

Index 84

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Extra info for A Closer Look at the Animal Kingdom (Introduction to Biology - Britannica Digital Learning) (1st Edition)

Sample text

N i t i d a , R. e r y t h r a e a , Polypedates leucomystax, (Baker & Vaucher 198434 ) Pehpei and Fujian, China: i n Rana nigromaculata, e n t h e r i , R. l i m n o c h a r i s , Bufo bufo a s i a t i c u s , B. Microhyla o r n a t a (Kung & Wu 1945;xang e t a l . 1978) 5 ) Rajasthan, Bangalore and Baroda, India: i n Bufo m e l a n o s t i c t u s and Rana c y a n o p h l y c t i s (Nama & Khichi 1973; Rao 1979) 6 Paraguay: i n Leptodacty l u s buf onius, & p o d i c i p i n u s , mystacinus (Baker & Vaucher 1984).

Hermanni, 2 kleinmanni, h o r s f i e l d i i , Europe, N. A f r i c a , I r a n , Turkestan 2) Testudo h o r s f i e l d i i , T. g r a e c a , Volga R i v e r d e l t a and Caspian Steppe, Dagestan SSR, Afghanistan (Markov e t a l . 1962; S h a r p i l o 1976; RySaVy & Johnson 1979). T. r o s i c k y i (17) T. v e r r e a u x i Rysavy & Johnson, 1979 ex Testudo h o r s f i e l d i i , Kabul, Afghanistan. P e t t e r , 1966 = Tachygonetria microlaimus (Linstow) males sensu Thapar, 1925 and P e t t e r , 1961 ( s e e P e t t e r 1966).

Macracis Gedoelst, 1845 1916 The genus was r e v i s e d by I n g l i s e t a l . ( 1 9 6 0 ) . & -- e c i e s : 0. t u b e r c u l a t a ) , S. America Rec: 1 ) r e v i e w by I n g l i s e t a l . (1960): Iguana iguana, NE B r a z i l ; Acapulco, Mexico; Venezuela; West I n d i e s (Aruba, Curazao, Bonaire, Saba); Columbia; Surinam ( s e e a l s o Diaz Ungria 1968) 2 ) Ctenosaura p e c t i n a t a , Mexico (Prado Vera 1971) 3 ) Ameiva e x s u l , Puerto Rico (Acholonu 1976). (2) 0. c i r r a t u s (3) 0.

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