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Being a girl, elevating little ones, succeeding in a management function and residing an entire lifestyles continues to be a tall order in glossy Australia for those who do not occur to be awesome. Being a girl on a board, operating an ASX best –listed corporation, or operating a central authority division continues to be an exception instead of the norm. regardless of the growth made in the direction of a fairer office, within the dialogue in regards to the loss of girls on forums or the dimensions of the space among males and women's pay, drained excuses are recycled. Catherine Fox labels those the seven myths approximately ladies and paintings.

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No matter how much agitation there is from women, improvements to this scenario also have to be about men, particularly those with the power to make a difference and influence attitudes. I think some of the inertia until recent times has come from the misguided belief that we live in a post-feminist world and ‘all that stuff’ got sorted out, so whatever happens in workplaces now is not about gender but personal choice. The currency of the 7 myths shows this to be far from the truth. Propping up these myths too is an outdated series of workplace practices developed for a male breadwinner model, now well past its use-by date.

Do you think your workplace is really an even playing field? Working out why this is not so and what to do to change it may involve some interim pain but has enormous benefits for women, for men and for organisations of all kinds. CASE STUDY: THE PUBLIC SECTOR In 2010 I wrote about a series of programs that transformed the public sector for women. People such as the CEO of Carnival Australia, Ann Sherry; CEO of Korn Ferry, Katie lahey; former Sydney Water boss Kerry Schott; former Victorian Police commissioner Christine Nixon; former Esanda chief and board director Elizabeth Proust, all gained crucial experience and opportunities during a massive shake-up in the public sector in the 1980s and 1990s, which was designed to radically alter its culture.

Great writers, poets, footballers, swimmers, actors and film directors come in all shapes and sizes. When you think about it in that way, clearly talent is not restricted to a particular slice of society or race, religion or gender group. Surely business isn’t so different from other domains that its demand for skill and talent can only be met by one group? As a liberal democracy we have seen a broad range of people changing the complexion of our government, education system, shops, neighbourhoods and, yes, parts of the business community.

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