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By Henry T. Brown

ISBN-10: 0486164675

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This 1868 compendium of creative mechanisms employs basic drawings to give an explanation for 507 of the small parts that represent complicated equipment. Left-hand pages characteristic illustrations, and dealing with pages provide short descriptions of use and operation. starting from basic to complicated, the mechanisms contain cranks, pulleys, drills, wheels, and screws.

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The bevel-gears and ratchet-wheels are loose on the shaft, and the pawls attached to arms firmly secured on the shaft. 50 and 51. Two kinds of universal joints. 52. Another kind of clutch-box. The disk-wheel to the right has two holes, corresponding to the studs fixed in the other disk; and, being pressed against it, the studs enter the holes, when the two disks rotate together. 53. The vertical shaft is made to drive the horizontal one in either direction, as may be desired, by means of the double-clutch and bevel-gears.

Suppose the link raised so that the slide is in the middle, then the link will oscillate on the pin of the slide, and consequently the valve will be at rest. If the link is moved so that the slide is at one of its extremities, the whole throw of the eccentric connected with that extremity will be given to it, and the valve and steam-ports will be opened to the full, and it will only be toward the end of the stroke that they will be totally shut, consequently the steam will have been admitted to the cylinder during almost the entire length of each stroke.

Diagonal catch or hand-gear used in large blowing and pumping engines. In 181 the lower steam-valve and upper eduction-valve are open, while the upper steam-valve and lower eduction-valve are shut; consequently the piston will be ascending. In the. ascent of the piston-rod the lower handle will be struck by the projecting tappet, and, being raised, will become engaged by the catch and shut the upper eduction and lower steam valves ; at the same time, the upper handle being disengaged from the catch, the back weight will pull the handle up and open the upper steam and lower eduction valves, when the piston will consequently descend.

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