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By Henry T. Brown

This 1868 compendium of inventive mechanisms employs easy drawings to give an explanation for 507 of the small parts that represent complicated equipment. Left-hand pages function illustrations, and dealing with pages supply short descriptions of use and operation. starting from uncomplicated to complicated, the mechanisms contain cranks, pulleys, drills, wheels, and screws.

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199. Another form of mangle-rack. The lantern-pinion revolves continuously in one direction, and gives reciprocating motion to the square frame, which is guided by rollers or grooves. The pinion has only teeth in less than half of its circumference, so that while it engages one side of the rack, the toothless half is directed against the other. The large tooth at the commencement of each rack is made to insure the teeth of the pinion being properly in gear. 200. A mode of obtaining two different speeds on the same shaft from one driving-wheel.

The eccentric is fixed on the crank-shaft, and communicates motion to the forked vibrating arm to the bottom of which the valve-rod is attached. 138. On turning the cam at the bottom a variable alternating rectilinear motion is imparted to the rod resting on it. 139. The internal rack, carried by the rectangular frame, is free to slide up and down within it for a certain distance, so that the pinion can gear with either side of the rack. Continuous circular motion of the pinion is made to produce reciprocating rectilinear motion of rectangular frame.

12. Simple pulley used for lifting weights. In this the power must be equal to the weight to obtain equilibrium. 13. In this the lower pulley is movable. One end of the rope being fixed, the other must move twice as fast as the weight, and a corresponding gain of power is consequently effected. 14. Blocks and tackle. The power obtained by this contrivance is calculated as follows: Divide the weight by double the number of pulleys in the lower block; the quotient is the power required to balance the weight.

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