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By Joel Edler, Dave Harper

ISBN-10: 0873497961

ISBN-13: 9780873497961

Greater than 80,000 up to date costs collected by way of coin specialists who recognize the industry, and over 1,100 substantial illustrations, entire insurance, multi function convenient quantity! Designed as an easy-to-use U.S. coin id and value consultant, this 3rd variation incorporates a spiral binding. creditors can hold the 2005 U.S. Coin Digest to numerous coin-related features and fast entry the precious details they want. insurance comprises colonial coinage to present concerns, together with commemoratives, bullion coinage, mint and evidence units, and Hawaiian and Puerto Rican cash. a whole index makes it effortless to discover person coin listings, and extra assets clarify how cash are made and graded, what is new on the biggest coin convey in the USA, in addition to the best way to manage and take care of coin collections.

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E. Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus Pontifex Maximus Tribunicia Potestate VII, the German and Dacian titles celebrating the emperor's victories in these two countries and the reference to the seventh repetition of the Tribunician power giving the date. D. 63, the Colosseum, Trajan's Forum and his bridge over the Danube, the vicissitudes of the imperial post, temporary remissions of taxes, the travels of Hadrian, the victories of Titus or Trajan. D. having a diameter of 15 in.

E. 'Thrice Temple-Founder', with ΤΩΝ ΟβΒΑΟΤΩΝ ('of the Emperors') above. Νεωκόρος was a title much coveted by Eastern cities. Imperial' because issued by Greek cities under Roman tutelage, was still flourishing, the bulk of it being in bronze. Although most of it is artistically of poor quality, its use for advertising local interests and cults—of 'Diana of the Ephesians', of Aphrodite at Cnidus, of the god Sandan-Heracles at Tarsus, of the Severan temples at Smyrna, of Isis or Sarapis at Alexandria—makes it a historical source of great importance.

Early Indian coins, (a) Punch-marked silver (Allan Class 2, Ha). 3 32 g. There are five symbols on the obverse, one on the reverse, (b) Copper coin from Taxila (Allan Class IIa). 8 89 g. The obverse shows an elephant and a 'mountain' symbol, the reverse a lion with the same symbol and a swastika. The punch-marked coins are customarily classed according to the system devised by John Allan in his catalogue of the coins of ancient India in the British Museum (1936). ) impressed by separate punches.

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