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By G. D. Hishox

ISBN-10: 0486457435

ISBN-13: 9780486457437

G. D. Hishox 1800 Mechaical events units and Appliances1800 механических подвижных элементов и приборов. 16-е издание. Издается с 1921 г.Схемы механических подвижных устройств и их описание.

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They are aware that the quest for certainty, for security, for serenity in the midst of a world of vicissitudes has long been the direction of human efforts. In situations of trouble and instability human beings have sought either to accommodate or to adapt in terms of the descriptions of these processes given above. The specific methods adopted have been many. Sometimes human beings have used sacrifices, ceremonial rites, and magical forms in trying to change the world and make it conform to their needs.

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