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By John J. Stuhr

William James claimed that his Pragmatism: a brand new identify for a few outdated methods of pondering could turn out effective and epoch-making. this day, after greater than a hundred years, how is pragmatism to be understood? What has been its cultural and philosophical influence? Is it a vital source for present difficulties and for all times and proposal sooner or later? John J. Stuhr and the celebrated members to this multidisciplinary quantity tackle those questions, situating them in own, philosophical, political, American, and worldwide contexts. enticing James in unique methods, those eleven essays probe and expand the importance of pragmatism as they concentrate on 4 significant, overlapping subject matters: pragmatism and American tradition; pragmatism as a mode of considering and settling disagreements; pragmatism as idea of fact; and pragmatism as a temper, perspective, or temperament.

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29. 11. Walter Lippmann, Drift and Mastery (New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1914), pp. 206–208, 274–75, 295, 329. 12. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1983), pp. ” 13. D. ” Historians have long doubted the existence of a unified, cohesive progressive movement, preferring instead to see progressivism as an era or, better yet, as a coalition of shifting groups with diverse and sometimes incompatible interests. Such a framework makes it possible to understand why and how some progressives were able to emphasize eugenics, immigration restriction, prohibition, and racial segregation as solutions to the problem of “corruption” as they saw it, whereas others focused on socioeconomic reforms and still others emphasized changing the mechanisms of governance.

Finding that fealty to the principle of anti-discrimination failed to address the problems women continue to face in the work place, and finding that not all men and not even all women—not even all working women—share the conviction that the differences between men and women are insignificant or irrelevant, Williams and the other legal activists at WLL have discovered that focusing on the consequences for men as well as women of the “ideal worker model” more effectively enables them to address the challenges of balancing work and family duties.

Legal pragmatists denied that the law conforms to reason, to morality, or to any unchanging principles. They insisted that it must change with changing conditions and changing expectations. In other words, law should be a flexible tool adapted to addressing new challenges, an experimental form of problem solving fully consistent with James’s recommendations in Pragmatism. 25 20 • James T. Kloppenberg The philosophical dimensions of the legal realist critique were most fully elaborated in the interwar writings of law professors at Yale and Columbia.

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